Call Handling

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Departmental Phone Menus

Departments dealing with a high call volume or the distribution of the same information to a variety of callers may request a menu to guide callers to a specific extension for the information or resources they need or to the person who has expertise in an area (skills-based routing).  To request a menu, please use the Menus, Pickups, and Hunt Group Request Form.  If you need help filling out the form, please call the Telecommunications HELP line at x4357.

Hunt Groups

A Hunt group is a collection of phone numbers that can all be accessed by dialing one main phone number.  This is particularly useful if you have several employees who have expertise in a certain knowledge area and you want to distribute calls amongst them.  A hunt group allows a caller to automatically find an available (i.e., “not busy”) agent from amongst a group of extensions.  Each extension will be tried in order until a “free” extension is reached.  Extensions will be skipped if the person is currently on the phone or has marked their extension as “blocked” from hunting.

Hunt groups can work in two different ways:

  1. Sequential Order – This is a list of phone numbers that will be attempted in a certain order.  This method is best if you have one “primary” person to answer all calls but would like “back up” answer positions.  The phone system will check if the main person on the list is on the phone, and, if so, the system will traverse down the list in a specified order until it finds an open telephone to which to send the call.


  1. Round-Robin – This method of “group hunting” is most useful if you have several people amongst whom you would like to share the call volume.  In this situation the system will remember the last phone number to which it successfully completed a call.  On the next incoming phone call, the system will attempt to send the call to the next phone on the list, thus distributing the work load more evenly amongst the staff.

To request a Hunt Group, please use the Menus, Pickups, and Hunt Group Request Form.

Call Pickups
Call pick-up is a feature that allows you to answer other people’s telephones from your own desk.  You can access the “call pick-up” feature by having us preprogram a button on your digital phone or, after we have programmed the call pick-up group, by pressing “88” on either a digital or analog phone.
To request that a call pick-up group be set up, please fill out the Menus, Pickups, and Hunt Group Request Form.