Student Handbook

Welcome to SUNY New Paltz Telecommunications. We provide residence hall students with FREE LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE calls, FREE VOICE MAIL, and direct access to UNIVERSITY POLICE DEPARTMENT VIA 911. So please bring a phone and plug it in.

Getting Started:

Telecommunications is located across from the courtyard between the Haggerty Administration Building and the Student Union Building. Our office hours during the academic year are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. If you have any questions, call us at x4357 (HELP).

The telephone line in your residence hall room is active for use on campus and for receiving incoming calls. Telecommunications does not provide phones in the residence halls, please bring your own. Telecommunications does provide the maintenance on the telephone and data network lines.

Your telephone service in the residence halls is configured to work on the jack location where the phone set will be installed. If the equipment is not working, please try the phone set in another jack location. If you’ve made sure you’re plugged into the right jack and your phone service is not working, please contact Telecommunications at x4357.

Location of Phone Jacks:

There are at least two jacks in each Residence Hall room. One is the Resnet connection and one is the phone connection. They might be located under the heater, above the heater or beside the heater. Try plugging your phone into the top port of the jack -- if this doesn’t work; plug your phone into the bottom port of this jack. Esopus and Lenape hall connections are to the left and right of the heater and College and Shango hall voice connections are under the window.

Many phone jacks are labeled with the 4-digit telephone number assigned to the room location but if not, you may call the Telecommunications Help Line at x4357 and we can tell you your campus extension.

Data Access:

All residence halls are wired for Ethernet access to the campus Internet/e-mail service. Your computer must have a Windows Ethernet card and the system must be registered with Computer Services in order to attach to the network. Contact Computer Services at x3597, for information on how to obtain an e-mail account.

Procedures for Telephone Line Repair:

If you are having trouble with your telephone line please check the following list before calling the Telecommunications Office.

1.         Check to make sure the telephone cord is not cut or exposed in any way,
2.         Check that your telephone is plugged into the side of the jack marked "V" for voice,
3.         Try a cord from another phone to determine if the cord is operable,
4.         Try plugging the phone into a jack in a different room to determine if the phone is operable.

If your phone still doesn’t work, call us at x4357 or come to Telecommunications and fill out a repair form. If there is a problem with your line or jack, we will make repairs at no charge.  We require up to two working days to complete a repair order.


Splitters allow you to plug two telephones into one jack. You can buy splitters at any store that carries telephone equipment.  If you want two telephones or a telephone and a computer modem in your room, keep in mind that both devices will use the same telephone line unless you request an additional line from us. There will be an additional cost for an additional line.

Making Outgoing Calls :

To make off-campus calls (local or long distance), you must first dial 9.

If you are making an International call you will need a PBN (Personal Billing Number). Just stop into the office (with your college ID), HAB 35 and we will assign one to you.

Emergency Telephones:

Please become familiar with the locations of over 130 emergency telephones around the campus. These telephones are placed at each exterior entrance to the residence halls, near the entrance or inside academic buildings, most elevators, and classrooms or laboratories. Blue mercury vapor light systems have been installed above some external telephones for easy identification. If the telephone is yellow, there is a red speed dial button (see picture of the Blue Light phones) that automatically dials Campus Police when pressed. To make an on campus call, press the "on" button to get a dial tone, then dial the 4 digit extension. When you are finished talking, press the "off" button. The telephone has a preset timer and will disconnect any call after three minutes.

Other emergency telephones are standard wall telephones. Dial 911 to reach Campus Police for emergencies only.

Click on this link to see the SUNY New Paltz policy on Harassing Phone Calls,

Quick Dialing Guide:

  • University Police -- 911
  • Voicemail Box – Your 4 digit extension followed by your voicemail box number (0, 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • On campus – 4 digit number
  • Campus Information – 2121
  • Local off campus calls -- *6* yourpbn #9, then 9-xxx-xxxx
  • Long distance -- *6* yourpbn #9, then 91(xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • International -- *6* yourpbn #9, then 9-011-(xxx)xxx-xxxx)


To find the rate structure for International calls, go to and enter either the country or the international number (without the 011). 

Incoming Calls:

Different ring tones are used to indicate the type of call you are receiving -- a single ring indicates that you are receiving a call from another campus extension and double ring indicates that you are receiving a call from outside the campus.

Billing Information:

Although local and long distance calls are free, Residence Hall students are billed monthly for telephone services (usage and monthly service). These bills are available for viewing at

  • Using Internet Explorer, go to (please bookmark this address),
  • Select “Customer Portal”
  • At the login screen, enter your "mynewpaltz" e-mail username and password,
  • After you get the “Welcome” screen, click on “my bills” under the wide blue line on the top right,
  • Under your name on the left side, click on “view bill,”
  • You may then view your bills in Excel, pdf, or html format.


If you have any problems with this procedure, please call Telecommunications Help Line at 4357.

Facsimile Services:

You may send or receive faxes at the Telecommunications office, HAB 35, during regular working hours.  Our fax number is 845-257-3009. There is a charge for this service, which depends on how many pages and where it is being sent.

Copier Services:

You may have copies made at the Telecommunications office, HAB 35, during regular working hours. The charge for this service is $.10 per page.

Payment Information:

All payments are due by the 25th of the month; for example, the bill dated Sept. 1, 2005, for calls placed in August of 2005, will be due on Sept. 25, 2005. We cannot give cash back (change) for checks, money orders or travelers’ checks; however, you may apply an overpayment towards the next month's bill. DON’T STAND IN LINE!!! Use the drop box outside HAB 40 for all non-cash payments or come to Telecommunications to fill out the form to automatically charge it to a credit card.

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash – Cash payments can be made at the Telecommunications Office, HAB 35, between 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please make sure you save your receipt for payment.  We will not be responsible for cash payments left in the drop box or sent in the mail.
  • Traveler’s Checks – Will be treated as a cash payment.  Please make the check out to “Telecommunications,” write your telephone number on the front, and come into the office to get a receipt.
  • Money Orders -- Will be treated as a cash payment.  Please make the money order out to “Telecommunications,” write your telephone number on the front, and come into the office to get a receipt.
  • MasterCard and Visa credit cards -- You may phone in your Visa or MasterCard payment (x4357) or fill out the authorization form and leave it in the drop box outside our office,
  • Checks – Please make the check out to “Telecommunications,” write your telephone number on the front, and leave it in the drop box outside our office.

Keep in mind that a PBN is similar to a bankcard. Under no circumstances should you give your PBN number to anyone. Students who use their PBN for directory assistance, international calls or pay per call (e.g., psychic hotline) will receive a monthly bill and are responsible for all charges. We cannot transfer charges made on a PBN that was “lent to a friend.”

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