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SUNY New Paltz Assignment and Usage of Telephones

It is the policy of SUNY New Paltz (the College) to provide telephones to employees primarily for use in conduct of normal business activities. The College provides desk telephone to employees and cellular telephones for authorized individuals whose duties and responsibilities require immediate or remote communications capabilities.

The Vice President for Administration is responsible for administration of this policy which includes the acquisition and service plans of cellular telephones, the specific service plan and the method of payment for personal calls by employees for both desk and cell phones. The acquisition of telephone services and service plans must be in accordance with SUNY Purchasing and Contract Procedures. The Telecommunications Office is the unit responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.

Divisional Vice Presidents or Department Heads are responsible for reviewing the propriety of the monthly telephone bill for areas under their supervision. The Vice Presidents or Department Heads are responsible for designating telephones for long distance or international calling, notifying Telecommunications when an employee is transferred or terminated, and for the management of Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) within their departments.

Telecommunications is responsible for maintaining a current inventory of telephones, both desk and cellular and working with the VP for Administration in obtaining a service plan that meets the College’s needs.

An Employee who uses a desk or cellular phone must read, understand and comply with this policy and applicable procedures. Each employee must acknowledge receipt of the College’s telephone policy by signing Exhibit 1 and returning it to the Divisional Vice President or Department Head. The completed form is to be forwarded to Telecommunications Resources and Infrastructure Services.


  • 3.1 Desk Telephones
    a. Assigned telephones are to be used for official business-related activities. Personal use of an assigned unit shall be occasional, incidental, or for emergencies. Employees must use a PIN for personal calls.
    b. The responsibility for an assigned telephone cannot be transferred to another employee. When an employee transfers or terminates employment, the Vice President or Department Head must provide this information to Telecommunications for inventory purposes and billing purposes.
    Desk telephones will be limited to domestic calling. International calling will be limited to desk telephones designated by the Vice Presidents or Department Heads.
    Written requests, from Vice Presidents, Directors or Department Heads for additional phones, should be forwarded to Telecommunications.

    3.2 Cellular Telephones
    a Written requests for departmental cell phones will be approved by the appropriate Vice President and forwarded to Telecommunications. The Vice President for Administration or designee must review the assignment of all cellular telephones at least annually.
    Each employee assigned a cellular telephone is responsible for the security and maintenance of the unit, and must immediately report any theft, loss or vandalism of the unit to the Telecommunications Unit. Assigned cellular telephones are to be used for official business-related activities. Personal use of an assigned unit shall be occasional, incidental, or for emergencies.
    Employees are responsible for reimbursing charges for excessive minutes. When such charges are regularly incurred by the employee’s use of the cell phone for official business, the employee must request an adjustment to the service plan.

    3.3 Use of Third Party Telephones While on Travel Status

    a. Business Calls: Employees can charge as a travel expense, all such calls required in the performance of their duties while in an official travel status.
    b. Original receipts itemizing such calls must accompany the travel expense report before reimbursement can be made to the employee.

    3.4 Personal Use of Telephones

    A monthly bill will be provided by Telecommunications to the Vice President or Department Head for telephones assigned to their departments. The Vice President or Department Head will forward the respective portion of the bill to each employee assigned a desk or cellular telephone. The employee will review the monthly usage bill and must reimburse the College for personal long distance calls. Employee payments for personal calls should be made payable to SUNY New Paltz Telecommunications.

    3.5 Long Distance Calls and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) System

    a. Long distance telephone calls should only be made for business or emergency purposes and should be of reasonable and necessary duration.
    b. To better control personal calls from desk telephones, the College has a PIN system which provides an individual with a unique access number for dialing. This PIN must be kept confidential and used only by the assigned employee. Each employee assigned a PIN will be responsible for calls made using that PIN. Abuse of the PIN by any employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

    3.6 Prohibited Calls and Limited Requests for Assistance

    a. Employees are not to accept collect calls, except when directed by a supervisor or in actual emergencies.
    Telephone calls to “900” numbers or to other announcement calls (such as weather or time) are prohibited.
    b. Directory assistance requests are limited to designated departments on a “ need to have basis”. Employees should use directories or the internet to locate telephone numbers. Use of a directory assistance operator to complete the call is prohibited, except in cases of emergencies.
    c. Employees are not to make operated-assisted or automatic-dialed calls for which a fee is charged. Direct dialing is encouraged at all times.

    3.7 Cellular Telephone Use While Driving

    By Executive Order, the Governor of New York State has issued a directive that all New York State employees are prohibited from utilizing a hand-held cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle. In this regard, the State University requires its employees to comply with this directive and also encourages employees of the campus-based foundations and auxiliary services corporation to comply as well.

The following authoritative documents were used in the preparation of this policy:
SUNY Item 300 - Purchasing and Contracting Procedures New York State Accountability, Audit and Internal Control Act.

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