Harassing Phone Call Policy

If a member of the college community is a victim of harassing phone calls it is recommended that they report the incident to the University Police.  We strongly recommend the incident be reported if the nature of the call is sexually explicit, threatening or violent.  The responding officer will ask the victim to establish a pattern of abuse by logging the dates and time of the calls received.  If the calls produced a message left on voice mail or an answering machine, the victim should save the message and play them for the responding officer.

If the victim lives on campus he/she should also report the incident to the Residence hall director.   

At this time the responding officer will generate a preliminary report. When the victim returns to the University Police with the log of calls, the assigned officer will add this information to the preliminary report.

For investigative purposes, the University Police may request a printout of calls to the victim’s extension by giving the dates and times to the Director of Telecommunications, who will initiate a search of switch records.  If the calls initiate from campus, a copy of the switch information will also be forwarded to the Dean of Students for judicial purposes.

At the preliminary report stage and again at the investigation stage the victim will be given to option of criminal charges or campus judicial.  If criminal charges are filed campus judicial is automatic.

After evaluating the complaint and the switch information, if the Chief or Investigator of the University Police determines that a change of telephone number is necessary, he/she will notify Telecommunications.  If the student requests a phone number change before Telecommunications has heard from the Chief or Investigator of the University Police, Telecommunication will call him for recommendations.

Members of the University Police department will not advise victims to contact Telecommunications on their own for a phone number change.

If the student does not agree with the determination of the Chief or Investigator of the University Police, the student may request the Dean of Students intercede in his/her behalf.

Because changing a phone number affects all campus records, including 911 response, only under extreme and threatening circumstances will Telecommunications change the phone number.