Dialing Instructions

To assure that members of the campus community take advantage of the benefits of Telecommunications services, training in a specific area may be requested by emailing or by calling x4357.

Some of the topics in which we’ve trained lately are:

Pictured below are the Phones and Features that we have on campus.  Please use this to identify your phone so the answers to your questions can be tailored to fit.


Dialing Instructions, Placing and Receiving Calls
Handling Calls
Conference Calling


Placing a Call

  • To place a call, lift the handset or depress the Speaker key.
  • Off-Campus Calls: Dial 9, followed by the desired telephone number.
  • On Campus Calls: Dial the four-digit extension number.
  • Voice Mail: Dial 3800.
  • Campus Operator: Dial 0 or 2121.
  • Emergency Calls: Dial 911.


Placing Off-Campus Calls Using an Authorization Code

  • Dial *6*. You will hear a confirmation tone.
  • Dial your 7 digit-authorization code, then press #. You will hear a dial tone.
  • Dial 9 followed by the desired telephone number (for local calls, dial the 7 digit number; for long distance calls, dial 1 then the 10-digit number; for international calls, dial 011, then the country code, then the number).
  • If you hear an interrupted or "stutter" dial tone, reenter your authorization code.  Your call will be completed.

Receiving a Call

  • Lift the handset or depress the Speaker key to answer an incoming call.
  • Outside Call: Double/Fast Ring Signal
  • Internal Call: Single/Normal Ring Signal


The SUNY New Paltz telephone system has many features that you may find helpful.  Some of the capabilities are:

  • Call Forward All Calls

This feature allows you to redirect all incoming calls to another extension within the system, to voice mail, or to an off-campus number. You may update the destination number as often as you like.  To forward all calls, press * 2 *(extension to transfer to) #.  To cancel, press #2#.  

  • Forward All Calls to voice mail.

This feature allows you to redirect all incoming calls to your voice mail box.  To forward all calls to voice mail, press * 2 #.  To cancel, press # 2 #.

  • Redial Last Call

This feature allows you to automatically redial the last number sequence you dialed. To automatically redial, press * * *.

  • Call Transfer

Call Transfer allows you to transfer a call to another extension on campus. 

To transfer a call from an analog phone:

    1. Press the “Flash” key or briefly press and release the hook-switch
    2. At the dialtone, dial the extension you want to transfer to
    3. Hang up

To transfer a call from a digital phone:

  • Select “Line 2” or “Access 2”
  • Dial the extension you want to transfer to
  • Press “T” or “Transfer”
  • Call Pick-Up Group

This feature is used to answer incoming calls directed to extensions within your specified pick up group, without your needing to know the ringing station’s extension number.  This must be programmed by Telecommunications. 

  • Call Hold and Park

This feature is used to place a call on hold so that it can be retrieved from any other phone on campus. Once the call has been parked, your telephone line is available for reuse.  To use park a call:

    1. Press and release the hookswitch or press the “Flash” key
    2. At the dialtone (three beeps and dialtone), hang up

To retrieve a parked call from the same phone just lift the handset to be connected.

To retrieve a parked call from another phone:

  • Dial the extension the call is parked on
  • At the busy signal, press 8 to connect to the call.
  • Outgoing Caller ID

The same Caller Identification (845) 257-6800 is sent out by the campus telephone system network automatically.


Telecommunications provides several different types of phones.  We have begun a program to replace all faculty/staff phones within the next few years.

If you would like to see what features your phone is capable of, please identify it below and then call x4357 to request information on that type of phone.


Ericsson DBA 706

Ericsson DBC 561

Ericsson DBC 212


DBC 213


Dialog 4223 Professional

Dialog 4222 Office

Dialog 4224 Operator


Dialog 4225 Vision