Maintaining Directory Information

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Maintaining Faculty/Staff Listings: Overview

Information for the on-line telephone directory is obtained from the billing database maintained by Telecommunications.  If a phone is added, moved, or changed, the directory listing information will be taken from the work order.  If there are changes within the department, we need the department secretary to let us know.  The information contained in the directory is only as accurate as the information we receive from the departments.  Unless someone tells us, we have no idea that Joe Smith and Judy Black switched offices in Old Main or that Nancy White left the Library and is now working in Computer Services (or who took her place in the Library or who she replaced in Computer Services). 


To make changes to your department in the Online Directory

  • Go to
  • Find your department in the dropdown menu
  • Print this page, mark all changes on the hard copy and send it to Telecommunications.
  • Changes are updated the following day after receiving them.

Address Changes
It is not necessary to submit a directory change for a move, add, or change of a phone because we capture the information through the work order system.  The online directory, as well as many department sites, are triggered by the Telecommunications software designed to keep track of the location of each campus extension (for both billing and 911 purposes).  Extensions and room numbers are tied together in our phone inventory.  As it is vital for this to be accurate, we will not change the location listing of a phone unless we actually change the location of the phone.  For example, John Smith has the extension x3271 in HAB 40. As he would like all visitors to go to the department secretary first, he would like his address to show in the directory as HAB 35.  We cannot comply with this request -- if a visitor can't find John’s office, neither can a "first responder" should there be an emergency.  If you find a mistake in the address, please call the HELP desk at extension 4357 and a Telecommunications representative will come out to verify the location of an extension.

Field Lengths
We often get requests to put in a title such as "Associate Professor/Acting Chair." The length of the fields in the software is limited and inflexible.  If we receive a change that won't fit in a field, we will try to abbreviate it in a way that makes sense but we will not be responsible for the outcome!

Number of spaces:

  • First Name = 15 spaces
  • Last Name = 20 spaces
  • Title = 20 spaces
  • Digital Phone Display = 20 spaces

The name showing up on the digital phones is called the "NIINI".  When you request a move, add or change of a phone, or have a name change, please let us know what you want in this field.

Online Directory (aka People-Finder) Updates: Instructions

To submit Online Directory listings updates to Telecomunications:

Academic Department Secretaries

  • Log in to
  • Go to "Faculty/Staff Services" tab > "My.Staff Tools" channel > Adjunct Directory
  • Under View/Print Department Directories, follow the Telecommunications link
  • There you will find a list of the directory information that is in the Telecommunications database and displayed on the Faculty/Staff phone and e-mail directory ("People Finder") at, as well as on many department Web sites. (See screenshot below)
  • To update any of this information, print out this page, mark the changes on the hard copy, and send it to Telecommunications.
  • NOTE: Telecommunications does NOT maintain the list of adjuncts and so this list does not contain adjuncts. See the info on updating adjunct listings below.

Administrative Department Secretaries

Maintaining Adjunct Faculty Listings Down Arrow

Adjunct faculty may be included in the Online Directory and on most academic department Web sites.  Instructions on how to enter and edit this information for your department are available upon request from the Web office.  If you have any questions, or are a new secretary needing access and instructions, please contact the Web Management Office at x3245.

Updating Department Web Pages Down Arrow

Please keep in mind that most of department Faculty/Staff pages contain both dynamic (generated from the Telecommunications database and maintained by the Office of Telecommunications) and static content (manually updated by the Web Office). Thus, updating these pages could be a two-step process that involves submission of the changes to both offices. The screenshot below should help you understand what "pulls" from where and what office is responsible for updating it. (Example shown: Economics Department Faculty/Staff Web Page).

The only information that should be sent to Telecommunications for updates (marked with green border in the above example) is: Last Name, First Name, Title, Office Phone and e-mail, using the printout available in my.newpaltz noted above. Any additional information (marked with red border), such as degree, university attended, concentrations, research fields, personal Web site, link to profile, etc. should be forwarded to the Web office for updates. If you have questions about your departmental Web page, contact the Web Management Office at x3245.