What We Do

Telecommunications is responsible for delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and technologically sound voice and data communications networks to the community at the State University of New York at New Paltz.  Telecommunications is organized into these functional sections:

  • Administrative -- responsible for oversight of the department, processing and maintaining the departmental financial records, major project accounting, and for preparation of the departmental financial reports. This group is also responsible for staff human resource issues and major purchases, the campus Online Directory, links to other directories, and cell phone administrative support.
  • Customer Service -- in charge of consulting, order processing and billing inquiries, quality control, telephone directory information, help desk, and creating and maintaining voice mailboxes.  This group provides information to faculty, staff and residents on the services offered by the department.  In addition, they are responsible for recording customers' requests into the department's work order and billing system, resolving billing inquiries, and conducting training for the department's customers.
  • Infrastructure -- in charge of overseeing proper installation of the media and transport facilities used by the voice and data cable networks to assure reliable operation of the campus-wide networks.  This group also programs and maintains Telecommunications equipment and facilities  The scope of the department includes telephone repairs, moves, adds or changes, data and voice infrastructure projects, wiring modifications, network wireless access points, Blue Light and Courtesy Phones.
  • Communications Systems -- in charge of consulting with departments on the use of call handling options (i.e., hunt groups and menus in the OneBox Voice Mail system), traffic patterns, implementation of the Pinnacle Billing and Operations software system, 911 Software, CAD drawings, and Project Management timelines.