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Transfer Student Course Advice

Check the suggested courses for your major!

Business Administration
Summer 1
BUS309/01 Stat Business & Economic I:  We recommend our transfer students take this class during their first semester here. It requires a MPL4 (Math Placement Score of 4) and a prerequisite of BUS215 (Business Decision Support Systems).
The courses listed below apply to specific majors with some specific prerequisites, but some transfer students are able to meet the prerequisites and take them their first semester here. Before registering for a summer class, please contact Rendesia Scott, Director of Business Advising at for help in choosing an appropriate course.
BUS322/01 Organization Theory
BUS326/01 Consumer Behavior
BUS346/01 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
BUS360/01 Electronic Commerce
BUS368/01 Intermediate Accounting I

Most of the Summer I classes except for BUS 309 are scheduled for students in the Turkish Dual Diploma program. As a result, available seats might be limited. BUS309 is a prerequisite for several other business courses. Transfer students are encouraged to take this course during their first semester at New Paltz if they transfer in BUS215 (Business Decision Support Systems).

Summer 3
BUS311/10 Statistics for Business and Economics II (If students took BUS309 (Stat Business and Economic I) in Summer 1 and transfer in BUS215 (Business Decision Support System)
BUS369/10 Intermediate Accounting II (If students took BUS368 (Intermediate Accounting I) in Summer I and have a MPL4

Communication Disorders
The following courses are recommended for transfer students interested in enrolling during summer session 2014.
CMD202 Deaf Culture and Heritage
CMD310 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
CMD312 Introduction to Communication Disorders
CMD417 Audiology
All of these courses are offered in Fall 2014 as well.

Communication and Media
Recommendations for Summer 2014 classes for transfer students entering New Paltz in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015.

For students entering as Digital Media Production majors:
DMJ215 Digital Storytelling ON CAMPUS
DMJ319 Writing for Digital Media ONLINE (requires prerequisite of DMJ101 or equivalent)
DMJ224 Introduction to Media Programming and management ONLINE (requires prerequisite of DMJ101 or equivalent)

For students entering as Digital Media Programming and Management majors:
DMJ215 Digital Storytelling ON CAMPUS
DMJ221 Introduction to Advertising ONLINE
DMJ224 Introduction to Media Programming and management ONLINE (requires prerequisite of DMJ101 or equivalent)
DMJ323 Digital Media Content and Technology ONLINE (requires prerequisite of DMJ101 and DMJ224 or equivalent)

For students entering as Journalism majors:
DMJ215 Digital Storytelling ON CAMPUS

For students entering as Journalism majors with a concentration in Public Relations:
DMJ221 Introduction to Advertising ONLINE

For students entering as Communication Area (Interpersonal/Intercultural, Organizational or Public) majors:
CMM102 Introduction to Communication ONLINE
DMJ221 Introduction to Advertising ONLINE (for Organizational Communications majors)
CMM335 Nonverbal Communication ONLINE

Students majoring in English or English and education might like to look over the summer schedule. The English Department offers a wide range of courses at all levels, both online and seated, to help you catch up, meet New Paltz requirements, or get a jump on the fall semester. These courses will fulfill a number of specific major requirements, as well as several GE and Writing Intensive (WI) requirements. Contact the English Department at 845-257-2720 with any questions.

Foreign LanguagesStudents interested in a possible major or minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies or Spanish may want to consider taking one of the following classes in Summer Session:

LAM 270 Introduction to Latin American Studies (online).

ANT 305 Cultures of South America (online).

GEO273 Physical Geography (needed for both Geography majors and Elementary Education Majors)

Transfer students in the Education program (especially Elementary Education) who major in history often need summer courses to complete their programs of study within two years (four semesters) after transfer with an Associate's degree. The History department does not count Western or World Civilization toward the major, and the State of New York requires that all Elementary Ed/History majors complete 18 credits (6 courses) at the upper-level (300 or above). Since your last semester is spent student teaching, that means that you may have many History classes to take at New Paltz, and it is often difficult for students to do well in more than three History classes per term because of the heavy reading/writing requirements. Therefore, we suggest that you consider taking courses during the summer. Please contact your advisor for advice on which courses to take.

Philosophy/Religious Studies
The Philosophy Department and Religious Studies Program offer two courses in Summer 2014 that incoming philosophy majors can count toward their major as electives: PHI120: Introduction to Philosophy: Classics and REL270: Religions of the World. Please note that philosophy students can count at most one REL (Religious Studies) course toward their majors. (REL393: Sacred Spaces does not count toward the philosophy major).

The Psychology department offers a summer version of Internship (PSY497) which allows a student to attend concentrated class sessions at the start and end of the session, and then allows a student to intern at an appropriate placement that is geographically accommodating for the student (i.e., you can do the actual internship at home — or wherever — it need not be near New Paltz).

We will offer PSY498, Seminar in Psychology, which is a required course completing the major (Research Methods (PSY311) is a prerequisite).

We will also offer a number of undergraduate courses, mostly online, that will count toward many of the content and elective components of our major (see:

Don't hesitate to contact the department chair (Glenn Geher: with any questions — and have a great summer!

While getting access to sociology classes for the spring semester may be difficult this year, transfer students are encouraged to consider taking some summer session courses in order to ensure progress towards the completion of the major. Most summer session courses are offered online in order to make them convenient for any schedule. There is also a variety of both introductory and upper division courses.

Without any prerequisites, students can take "Introduction to Sociology" and/or "Social Inequality in the United States," both of which are core requirements for all sociology majors.

"Crime and Society" and "Introduction to Human Services" both fulfill elective requirements for all sociology majors and fulfill specific requirements in the concentrations in criminology or human services.

Those who have already taken an introductory sociology class can also take any of the other upper division classes (300 or 400 level), all of which count for elective credit in the major. The courses being offered this summer include "Sociology of Families," "Organizations and Work," "Medical Sociology" and "Juvenile Delinquency."