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Special Programs

Center for International Programs


Earn college credit while traveling overseas this summer! We offer two types of international experiences: language and culture programs and special topics programs. Both provide exciting travel and educational opportunities in the country of your choice. Put some ADVENTURE in your EDUCATION and STUDY ABROAD!

Foreign Language and Culture
Learn the language and culture of another country. Visit important historical sites. Mingle with the residents. Our language and cultural programs offer an outstanding immersion experience. Some programs do not require any foreign language proficiency and most allow students to register for six credits. These programs are also recommended for language teachers seeking a second certification.

Locations and Approximate Dates
Paris, France: Early to late July
Urbino, Italy: Late July to late August
Oviedo, Spain: Early to late July
Guayaquil, Ecuador: Late May to early August
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Late June to early August
Meunster, Germany: Late June to Late July

Special Topics
We also sponsor a variety of unique and exciting special topic programs which are taught in English! Opportunities for excursions and cultural activities are provided.

Australian Eco Tour: Late June to late July (approx.) Learn about the ecosystem of northern and central Australia. Ideal for students interested in environmental education. Seventeen day excursion with field studies and on-site lectures. Highlights include visits to national parks, aboriginal artwork sites and wildlife refuges. 6 undergraduate credits. Contact: Dr. Michael Gayle

International Social Welfare in South Africa: Late June to mid-July (approx.) This program will take place in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Students will have the opportunity to visit human services programs and non-governmental organizations providing services to various groups. Visits to historical sites and participation in the South African National Association for Child Care Workers bi-annual conference will also take place.  Undergraduate students will earn 6 credits and graduates students will earn 3 credits.  Contact: Professor Mette Christiansen

Irish Studies: Limerick, Ireland: Early to late June (approx.) Students choose between five courses: Irish Life and Literature (Literature, Irish Folklore and Folklife); Ireland Getaway to Europe (Irish, European, and international politics and government); Between Boston & Berlin (social anthropology, social policy and cultural studies); Visual Culture in Ireland 1400-1950 (history, art history, art and film studies); and Communication and Culture: International Technical Writing (writing, media,journalism and graphic/visual design). 3 undergraduate credits.

Jamaica Service-Learning Program (JSLP): Early to late June (approx. 3 weeks). This program will provide students with an introduction into Jamaica’s socio-political history as well as to the contemporary issues relevant to the island nation and its people. Topics include Jamaican cultural identity and how it evolved into its contemporary form as well as major socio-political, economic and cultural changes in Jamaican society. Site visits, lectures/discussions with Jamaican faculty and community leaders, and service projects will reinforce the course content. This is a hybrid program with online pre-departure and on-site instruction for which students will earn 3 credits. Contact: Dr. La Tasha Brown

Know Europe, Business Program in Brussels, Amsterdam & Haarlem, Caen & Le Havre, Paris, Barcelona: Early June to early July This four-week program will give students the opportunity of developing a truly global perspective of European business issues. The program focuses on both Northern and Southern European business techniques. Students will explore concepts related to the global business world. 3 undergraduate credits.

Summer Studies at Dankook University, South Korea: Early July to early August (approx. 4 weeks). This program provides students an amazing opportunity to study Korean language in addition to courses on Korean culture, history, music, or film. In addition to classes, students will take part in excursions and cultural activities. Dankook also offers students the option to participate in the “English Village” program starting in mid-June. These students will engage in ESL instruction with Korean University students and will receive a flight reimbursement up to $1200 and free housing for their service. 6 undergraduate credits.

Summer Study Abroad at Meiji University — "Cool Japan" Program, Tokyo, Japan: Late July to early August (approx. 2 weeks). The “Cool Japan” Summer Program is a series of lectures and field trips on a wide variety of subjects relating to Japan’s contemporary image – from manga, anime and music, to fashion, high-technology and cuisine. Learn to make sushi at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, explore temples and shrines in Kamakura, and go electronics shopping in Akihabara. Students will earn 3 credits for participation in this program in consultation with a faculty member in Asian Studies.

Summer Cultural Program at National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan: Early August (approx. 10 days). Visit one of the most exciting cities in Asia. Taipei is full of contrast between modern skyscrapers and architecture alongside bustling night markets and traditional culture. Students will have lectures on Taiwanese culture and history and visit places of interest throughout this truly global city. Students will earn 2 credits for participation in this program in consultation with a faculty member in Asian Studies.

Summer Studies at Kingston University, London: Mid June to early August (approx.) Study British culture, art, business, film, communications, literature, history, criminal justice and theater in the city where it all happens. 6 undergraduate credits

Summer Studies at Middlesex University, London:  Mid June to early August  This program offers direct enrollment in the Summer School of Middlesex University. Students choose from a wide selection of courses. Cultural/Social program is included. Internships available. 3 to 6 undergraduate credits.

Summer Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic: Charles University, Late June to Late July (approx.) Charles University, the oldest in Central Europe, was founded in 1348 by Emperor Charles IV. The campus occupies extraordinary buildings in the old town, the heart of this wondrous city. Contemporary Czech Politics, Czech and European Art and Architecture, Czech Film, Czech Language, Czech and European Literature and Modern Central European and German History. 6 undergraduate credits.

Summer Study Abroad in Brussels, Belgium: Vesalius College, Late June to Late July (approx.) "FOCUS ON EUROPE": Situated in Brussels, "The Capital of Europe," Vesalius College offers students a unique experience. Lasting just six weeks, the Summer Session gives students a focused academic program and the opportunity to experience the best of European culture and travel. 6 undergraduate credits.

Summer Theatre Studies at Kingston University: London, UK Early July to Early August (approx.) Study Shakespeare in London! This month long program provides students with the opportunity to study Shakespeare in the Bard’s homeland. The program also offers excursions and chances for individual exploration of London and its many museums, galleries, parks, and colorful neighborhoods. Students will take a theatre lab course with Dr. Anita Gonzalez and a course on Shakespeare offered by Kingston University faculty for a total of 6 credits. Contact: Dr. Anita Gonzalez

For more programs and information, visit the website or contact the Center for International Programs, 845-257-3125.
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