Auditing a Class

Some academic courses may be audited. Registered students at the State University of New York at New Paltz, faculty and staff of New Paltz, persons over 60 years of age, and alumnus of SUNY New Paltz may take courses without paying a registration fee. For all others, a non-refundable registration of $50 will be charged. Persons who would like to audit a course must obtain an Audit Form from Records and Registration. The completed form must have the signatures of:

  • The chair of the department offering the course
  • The course instructor
  • Kate Hurd, head of Blackboard Technology at New Paltz

Forms must be submitted to Records and Registration with the proper signatures and proof of payment of fee.

The audit privilege permits the auditor to attend a course, providing there is room in the course and the necessary approvals have been granted, and to do assignments, but it does not permit the auditor to take examinations in the course or to have his or her work evaluated in any other way. The auditor receives no grade for the course, nor is any record of course attendance kept in Records and Registration. Students may not change their enrollment status from audit to credit, or from credit to audit.

Audit privileges are not ordinarily available in studio, laboratory, or performance courses, or courses where class participation of students is of major importance, nor are they available in credit-free courses offered by the institution or in any foreign study program or course. Online courses cannot be audited.


Billing Procedures
All charges are billed through the students' accounts. Paper invoices are not mailed by SUNY New Paltz. The billing process for the Summer semester starts on April 12, 2016. Payment in full is due by May 9, 2016, regardless of the first day of class.

Students who do not pay in full by May 9, 2016, will be de-registered from their classes on May 10, 2016.

An Administrative Fee of $30 will be added to the invoice of any student who is reinstated. Please note that reinstatement into those same classes is subject to course availability at the time of re-registration. You are not guaranteed a space in the class from which you were de-registered. To avoid any difficulties, please pay by the due date! Payment for courses added on or after May 10, 2016, is due immediately upon registration.  For further information, please visit the Web page for the Office of Students Accounts billing information.


Canceled Courses
Any course with insufficient enrollment is subject to cancellation. The College assumes no responsibility if a department is forced to cancel a course or change an instructor.


Registered students can request an Enrollment Verification via Instructions for requesting enrollment verification can be found on the Records & Registration website.


Change of Name or Address
Students must notify the college promptly of any change in name or permanent or local address. Students wishing to change their name must submit a copy of one of the following documents: marriage certificate, divorce papers, legal separation papers, or court order approving the name change. A Driver's License is not sufficient. Students can verify their address(es) information in under My.Personal Records. A form is available on the same page if a change is necessary.


Fieldwork and Independent Study
Fieldwork courses are approved experiences by individual academic departments to enable students to enrich their academic program with applied work in their field of study. Independent study requires a student to pursue in-depth a particular area of interest not covered in the regular curriculum. Each college or school issues its own guidelines, and the student should obtain guidelines from the appropriate dean's office.


Non-matriculated Graduate Students
Non-matriculated graduate students may take no more than 6-9 graduate credits without matriculating into a graduate program. Enrollment in some courses is restricted to matriculated students, and many have pre-requisites. Contact the department offering the course for permission to enroll. Students who have already completed 6-9 graduate credits must submit a Non-matriculated Student Waiver Form to the Graduate School before they will be allowed to register for additional classes. To learn more about registering as a non-matriculated graduate student, visit:

There is a 12-credit limit for matriculated graduate students.


Summer Semester Workload
A student's semester workload is the combined total of the academic credits and registration units for which he/she is registered.

There is a credit limit for matriculated graduate students. Both matriculated and non-matriculated undergraduate students are allowed to register for up to two courses per summer session. Students may add a third course to their registration providing it is an on-line course. Students are limited to a maximum of three on-line courses during the summer. There is a 12-credit limit for the entire summer. Permission to exceed these limits is rarely granted and normally only in cases where a student has a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and is within a semester of graduation.


Transcript Requests
You can order an official transcript online at Once logged in, select the "Student Services" tab. In the box titled "Student Information," you will see "Official Transcript Request," and this will take you to the page where you can begin.

You have the option to have a transcript mailed by the Records and Registration Office to an address of your choosing, OR you may come into the office and pick it up. Transcript requests are usually processed within 3 to 5 business days.

When having the transcript mailed, you have the option to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), or you can choose electronic check.

If you are picking up the transcript, you have to the option to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), or you can choose electronic check.


If you attended SUNY New Paltz prior to 1985, please:

Send us a letter which includes

  • Your name (or any former name your records may be under)
  • Your current address where you would like the transcript sent
  • Social Security Number
  • Semester/dates of attendance
  • All degrees received
  • Date of birth
  • Any special handling instructions
  • Your signature

Include the full address of where you wish the transcript to be sent and make sure your signature is on the request.

The cost for each official transcript is $5 per copy; unofficial copies are $1. Please make the check or money order payable to SUNY New Paltz. Mail your request to:

       SUNY New Paltz
       Office of Records and Registration
       500 Hawk Drive
       New Paltz, NY 12561-2439

You may also fax in the completed letter requesting your transcript to 845-257-3103, or you may email a scanned copy of the request to

If you have any questions, please call the office at 845-257-3100.


Dropping, Adding or Withdrawing From Courses
Drop/Add (Course Change) - Students who wish to drop or add a course may do so according to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. After students have dropped or added a course, students should go to to be sure that the action has taken place.

Course Withdrawal - The fee for withdrawing from a course on or before the liability deadlines in the Academic Calendar is $20. Withdrawal forms are available at the Office of Records and Registration in HAB 19 or from your academic advisor. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the tuition liability schedule. In addition, students withdrawing from an online course must ask their instructor to email the Office of Records and Registration at with the following information: student name; student ID number; course name and number; semester; and the last date the student participated in the class.

Matriculated graduate and undergraduate students need their instructor's signature on the withdrawal form; all non-matriculated students do not. For all students, an advisor signature is not needed during the summer session.

A grade of F will be recorded for any student who informally drops a course without following the procedures outlined above.


Refund for Withdrawal

To receive a refund, you must submit your completed withdrawal forms to the appropriate office according to the dates in the Academic Calendar.

Except as noted below, refunds are based on the liability dates in the Academic Calendar and must be requested in writing and sent to the attention of the Office of Student Accounts.

In all cases the College Fee is not refundable after the official first day of classes. All other fees follow the tuition liability/refund schedule. Insurance premiums are not refundable.

Room and Meal Plan refunds are at the discretion of the Residence Life and/or Food Service Offices and requests should be sent directly to the appropriate office. There are no partial week housing refunds.