Computation of the grade point average is based on the following format:


Other letter grades may appear on the grade report. For more information about these grades, contact the Records and Registration Office:

W...Withdrawn: Student withdrew from course; credits will not be counted in GPA.

I.....Incomplete: Limited time has been granted to complete required work. A student must complete the course by the midterm point of the next semester in which he/she is enrolled or the Incomplete will be converted to an F. If the student does not register for one calendar year after the Incomplete is awarded, the Incomplete becomes permanent.

Letter grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- will convert to “S*” (satisfactory) while grades of D+, D, D- and F will convert to “U*” (unsatisfactory). S* grades count toward graduation; U* grades do not. Upon a student’s request, a student-opted S* or U* mark may be changed back to a regular letter grade, which will then be counted in the cumulative average and appear on the College record. Such a request will be honored for a period of one calendar year after the semester in which a student has earned a student-opted S* or U* mark or until the student graduates, whichever period is shorter. [policy revision effective Fall 2012]

Courses that have been elected satisfactory/unsatisfactory will NOT be counted towards the fulfillment of requirements for General Education, Writing Intensive, the Education curricula, the major, the minor, or the Engineering curriculum, unless the student requests that the S* or U* be changed to a regular letter grade.

Independent study courses also may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Graduate students may not elect satisfactory/unsatisfactory for courses in their plan of study. The deadline for choosing the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option is one week later than the course withdrawal deadline. See the Academic Calendar in the Schedule of Classes for the exact date each semester.

After your professor has submitted your grade to the office of Records and Registration at the end of the session, you may view your grade report at Grades are not available until after the grade submission date for each session, regardless of when a course ends.


The Replace Grading Policy

The Replace Grading Policy will be automatically applied when a student takes a course a second time. Both the first and second grades will appear on the transcript; however, only the second grade will contribute to the student's cumulative GPA. A student will earn degree credit for the course only once. A course may be attempted for a grade no more than two times. A “grade” is defined as including A-F, W, S/U, or R. A student who has a compelling case to attempt a course a third time may present his/her case to the Dean of the school that houses the course. If permission is granted, grades for attempts beyond the first two will be averaged with all other grades in the cumulative GPA. A student with 60 or more transfer credits may replace two grades under the Replace Grading Policy. A student with fewer than 60 transfer credits may replace four grades under the policy. [policy revision effective Fall 2012]

The Replace Grading Policy does not apply to graduate courses, selected topics courses (xxx93), modular courses (xxx99), or special courses (i.e. Independent Study – xxx95, Fieldwork – xxx94) which are allowed to be repeated for degree credit.

The Replace Grading Policy does not apply if the student elected the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Option the first time the course was taken. If a student selects the S/U Grading Option a second time a course is attempted, the grade of “S” or “U” will not replace the first grade in the cumulative GPA calculation. This is because grades of “S” and “U” do not carry quality points. If a letter grade is re-selected to replace the S/U, that letter grade will fall under the Replace Grading Policy. Note: in any case you cannot receive credit twice for the same course.

* Before the spring 1983 semester, graduate students could not recieve a D grade.