Matriculated undergraduate students who would like to discuss requirements for their major should contact their major advisor or their academic department for advising assistance. The Academic Advising Center is available all summer to provide general advisement about GE and other degree requirements and primary advisors for undeclared students. The Academic Advising Center is located in Old Main 127 and can be reached by calling 845-257-3015.

Non-matriculated undergraduate students who plan to apply for admission to SUNY New Paltz should make an appointment to discuss their course selections with a transfer advisor in the Office of Admissions at 845-257-3200. High school students may, with the recommendation of their guidance counselor, register for courses appropriate to their abilities.

Non-matriculated graduate students may take no more than 6-9 total graduate credits without matriculating into a graduate program. Enrollment in some courses is restricted to matriculated students, and many have pre-requisites. Contact the department offering the course for permission to enroll. Students who have already completed 6-9 graduate credits must submit a Non-matriculated Student Waiver Form to the Graduate School before they will be allowed to register for additional classes. To learn more about registering as a non-matriculated graduate student, visit:

Matriculated Graduate Students.  There is a 12-credit limit for matriculated graduate students.

Summer Session Workload. A student's semester workload is the combined total of the academic credits and registration units for which he/she is registered.

There is a credit limit for matriculated graduate students. Both matriculated and non-matriculated undergraduate students are allowed to register for up to two courses per summer session. Students may add a third course to their registration providing it is an on-line course. Students are limited to a maximum of three on-line courses during the summer. There is a 12-credit limit for the entire summer. Permission to exceed these limits is rarely granted and normally only in cases where a student has a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and is within a semester of graduation. For further information, New Paltz students should contact their academic advisor; undergraduates may also contact the Academic Advising Center.