Student Teaching Orientation

Student teaching orientation is a valuable format to learn about program requirements before student teaching begins. Candidates' student teaching orientation, organized by candidates' specific educational department, is mandatory and is typically held a day or two before the start of student teaching. Each department requires that their students attend the orientation, wherein students are provided invaluable supportive information to encourage successful transition into and completion of student teaching. The information reviewed contains specific program requirements for the candidates and for the cooperating teachers. In addition, student teaching candidates meet with college supervisors to begin the mentoring process. It is customary during the student teaching orientation that guest speakers are invited to discuss how candidates can enhance their student teaching experience.

When the specific educational department of the candidate announces the orientation schedule, the Student Teaching Office will relay this information to the candidates through a campus-wide communication system. Since the orientation is mandatory, any request to be excused from it must be directed to the specific educational department chair.

Please refer to the calendar for general dates regarding student teaching placements.