Center for Student Success
Writers' Studio

The Writer’s Studio is committed to supporting SUNY New Paltz students on writing projects from across the curriculum. Students will work collaboratively with our Writing Consultants during their sessions to plan, organize, review, and discuss their assignments. Our staff recognizes writing as a process, and as such, we are focused on developing student writers in order to foster confidence and self-efficacy.

Our goals:

  • Assist SUNY New Paltz students at all stages of the writing process.
  • Provide a welcoming, encouraging environment that enables students and peer consultants to engage with their work.
  • Help students employ successful writing strategies.
  • Evaluate expectations of writing-based assignments.
  • Help students understand how to write in different rhetorical modes.
  • Support interdisciplinary methods of thinking, writing, and researching.
  • Promote ethics and excellence in scholarship.

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