The multidisciplinary tutoring program supports the Center’s mission by helping SUNY New Paltz students prepare, advance, and excel academically. Through peer-guided interactive learning, our tutors and content-area facilitators encourage students to be responsible and engaged scholars with a primary aim of developing effective strategies that inform their academic choices both within courses and beyond tutoring sessions.

Our goals:

  • Empower students within a supportive learning community.
  • Emphasize the potential in and increase students’ access to structured peer-centered learning opportunities.
  • Help students gain scholastic independence and achieve academic success.
  • Ensure that our peer tutors and academic mentors continue to develop and grow as scholars and leaders.

Would you like to be a peer tutor?
If you have a 2.75 GPA and recieved a B in the course(s) you wish to tutor, you are welcome to apply.

If you are interested in online tutoring, please follow this link!