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Dear Transfer Student:

As the Coordinator of Transfer Student Engagement, it is my job to make you feel as settled and at home in our community as you possibly can be. I work closely with Student Activities as well as the Transfer Student Union to arrange events and programing specifically addressing your needs.  While you are transitioning to a new University, there are other transitions that will need to take place, including settling into a routine and becoming more acclimated with campus. I am here to help you with these things.

There are a few tips to help you successfully transfer to SUNY New Paltz. First, come in with a clean slate. While you are entering as a transfer student, you are now becoming a SUNY New Paltz student. Embrace it! Second, join a club! If you feel you are having trouble socializing or getting involved in general, there are over two hundred clubs and organizations on campus that you could be involved in.  You just need to take the first step to get there. Third, participate in Transfer Connections events! Transfer Connections, not only connects you with continuing transfers but gets you connected to opportunities and the entire student body.  You’ll meet and get to know some of the Transfer Liaisons as the semester rolls along. Fourth, sign up for the Transfer Student Leadership Program, or TLP.  The TLP is a series of FREE workshops that will help you increase your leadership skills, career skills and marketability.  Some workshops are specifically developed for you while others are already being provided by departments on campus, such as the Career Resource Center’s “Wednesday Workshop Series”. Once you have attended the required number of workshops (five, two being TLP specific) you will receive a Transfer Student Leadership Program Certificate. Last but not least, like our Facebook page! In a world where social media reigns, the SUNY New Paltz Transfer Student Facebook page is always being updated with information and resources to simplify your connection to campus.

In closing, I am here, along with other faculty and staff, to help you make the best transition to SUNY New Paltz that you can.  There have been others before you and there will be more after you; make your mark and show them all the possibilities that being a successful transfer, excuse me, SUNY New Paltz student holds! 


Anne S. Hancock
Coordinator of Transfer Student Engagement
Student Union, 314
P: 845-257-3024