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Student Affairs

Strategic Plan

Revised April 2002



Student Affairs provides a variety of services and programs that support and advance access and opportunity for the educational, research and public service mission of the college. The Student Affairs Division is committed to the holistic development of our students - intellectual, personal, and social - and to providing a safe community that celebrates human differences and promotes civic responsibility and a sense of local and global citizenship. We work to achieve these goals through inter-departmental communication and on-going collaboration with the divisions of Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Administration and Development.




GOAL #1: Student Affairs supports the educational mission of the college by creating and maintaining a living-learning environment which fosters academic and intellectual pursuits in and outside the classroom and communicates high expectations for active learning and student adjustment and development by:


forging educationally purposeful activities that enhance faculty-student interaction and facilitate student learning and skill development so that students gain knowledge and confidence to contribute as productive members of their communities and professions

1.2 monitoring academic and social performance

1.3 implementing and tracking mid-term evaluations for students deemed at-risk or encountering academic difficulty

1.4 providing individualized assessment, referral and support

1.5 providing appropriate input to administrative task forces and faculty governance committees


GOAL #2: Student Affairs fosters personal growth and development and ethical values and standards through co-curricular activities, leadership opportunities, and service to the campus and community by:


2.1 providing a wide range of programs and services that support successful student learning and progress and fosters ethical responsibility and leadership skills

2.2 supporting successful mentoring, supervising leadership opportunities for students, and encouraging participation in student and college-wide governance

2.3 developing, promoting and facilitating internships and service learning activities as well as community service projects


GOAL #3: Student Affairs fosters a safe and respectful community that is conducive to academic endeavors, and the self-reflection and self-expression inherent in a living learning environment by:


3.1 fostering a safe and secure learning environment for living and learning in student residences, classrooms and co-curricula activities

3.2 educating the campus community regarding campus and residence hall local regulations; and implementing a developmentally focused campus judicial system

3.3 providing pro-active educational programming about current issues which impact the health, safety and wellness of college students


GOAL #4: Student Affairs provides an inclusive, welcoming community that respects and celebrates human differences and fosters civic responsibility and global understanding by:


4.1 creating and supporting programs that recognize and celebrate our commonalities, and cultural and human diversity

4.2 providing pro-active educational programs to enhance intergroup understanding and respect, and the opportunity to learn from interactions with others who are different

4.3 providing issue-specific training for members of the College community designed to foster an open and inclusive environment for everyone


GOAL #5: Student Affairs facilitates the enrollment and successful adjustment of students in order to enhance the retention and persistence to graduation of a diverse student body by:


5.1 providing comprehensive general and academic orientation programs for all categories of incoming students and families

5.2 supporting college admissions recruitment activities

5.3 providing a broad range of developmentally appropriate and innovative programs for students to ease their transition to college life


GOAL #6: Student Affairs creates and supports the traditions of the campus culture which instill a sense of pride and community identity by:


6.1 developing and supporting new and existing campus-wide programmatic initiatives

6.2 creating and facilitating programs that recognize and celebrate student achievements, leadership and service

6.3 promoting and supporting programs that celebrate our internationalism and global community


GOAL #7: Student Affairs is committed to utilizing information technology to enhance knowledge and increase student access to programs and services.


GOAL #8: Student Affairs enhances professional knowledge and expertise in facilitating the above goals and the college mission by encouraging participation in professional development and training opportunities campus wide.


GOAL #9: Student Affairs strives for excellence through ongoing assessment of its programs and services. The results of a continuous and systemic outcomes assessment strategy will be used primarily for program enhancement, strategic planning, identifying areas for professional development, and addressing requirements for external review.