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Information Regarding Sexual Harassment and Assault

What To Do After You Have Been Assaulted or Raped

Go to a Place That is Safe.
Your first concern should be if you are in a safe place. Go to a friend's room or to your Resident Assistant and/or Resident Director.

Tell Someone.
Let someone know what has happened to you so that they may provide emotional support for you. Pick a friend you trust, a Resident Assistant, Resident Director, Campus Police, or any College Staff or faculty member. Let someone help you.

Seek Medical Attention.
See a doctor immediately for treatment of any injuries. The doctor can provide important medical evidence should you choose to report the assault or rape and press charges.

Don't Shower,
bathe, douche or change clothes before you seek medical attention.

Report the Assault or Rape
to the appropriate police agency (Campus Police if the crime took place on campus, Town Police if the crime took place off campus).

Seek Counseling.
Consult a trained rape-crisis counselor through HAVEN, OASIS, the Psychological Counseling Center, or Ulster County Crime Victims.

Information Regarding Sexual Harassment and Assault