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Student Affairs

Information Regarding Sexual Harassment and Assault

Once an Offense Has Been Reported

When a sexual assault has been officially reported to the College for administrative and/or criminal action, the Dean of Students and/or the Campus Police respectively, will initiate action on the student's behalf.

Students should be aware that the College does not have jurisdiction over actions and activities which occur off campus and/or involve non-students. Hence, College officials will be somewhat limited in the amount of assistance they will be able to provide to the victim of a crime of this type. Students who are victims of a sex crime committed off campus grounds and who wish to initiate criminal action, will be referred to the police department with jurisdiction over the locale in which the offense was committed. In this type of incident, and in those involving non-student perpetrators, the College will continue to make all reasonable efforts to assist the student in reporting crimes and in receiving medical, legal, academic and psychological support.

Office of Student Affairs Procedures:
Depending on the severity and the reporting of the incident, immediate action may be taken against the accused. This may include but is not limited to: suspension, denial of campus residency, and/or administrative relocation. The immediate sanction will be in effect until a campus hearing can be held and a final sanction imposed.

On campus students who are victims of a sex crime and who do not feel safe in their current living arrangement may request to be relocated if other on campus accommodations are available.

Off campus students will be advised and referred as appropriate to resources in the local community.

When the accused is a member of the College community, the Office of the Dean of Students will review evidence and statements made by the victim in preparation for the imposition of charges. Campus regulations and judicial Procedures concerning rape, acquaintance rape, gang rape, sexual Harassment and sexual abuse/misconduct are described in detail in the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures handbook. Copies may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs, HAB 702 or the Office of Residence Life, Capen Hall.

Contact between the Dean and the victim will be maintained throughout the judicial process. Students will also be encouraged to seek out the resources of the Counseling Center, HAVEN, and/or Crime Victim's Assistance Program for emotional support during the judicial process.

Specific procedures regarding the conduct of the Initial Conference, Administrative and Hearing Committee sessions are outlined in the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures document. A statement regarding victim's rights is also contained in this document.

Victims of a sexual assault are entitled to the same right to have others present during an on-campus hearing as the accused. Both parties are also entitled to know the outcome of any formal proceedings.

Campus Police Department Procedures: Rape and Sexual Assault

Students are encouraged to contact Campus Police as soon as possible following an incident involving a sexual violation.

In a case of rape or sexual assault, it will be the responsibility of Campus Police to immediately notify the administrative staff member on-call and the investigator on-call if the above are not on duty.

The victim will be checked for injuries and treated as necessary. She/he will be kept isolated and given as much support, comfort, and privacy as possible. A preliminary interview will be conducted to determine the type of crime and a description of the suspect.

Since evidence may be present to corroborate the elements of the crime(s) committed, i.e., penetration, force, etc., the victim will be advised with explanation that she/he should not change clothes, wash, bathe, and encouraged not to urinate or defecate until a physician has examined her/him. All procedures will be explained to the victim. The victim will be advised of the counseling that is available. The victim will then be transported to the hospital emergency room for examination. When this occurs, a representative of Campus Police will accompany her/him in order to maintain a liaison with the department.

The In-House Task Force for Sex Crimes is the designated personnel group who will be assembled in total or in part when the need arises to investigate a sex crime. The duties and responsibilities of the In-House Task Force will be to conduct a complete investigation utilizing special skills or details available.

The patrol force will be utilized to secure the crime scene, locate witnesses and suspects, and assist as necessary. Where possible and appropriate, a female officer will be utilized to assist the victim.

The overall coordination of this type of investigation will be the responsibility of the director or an investigator.

Press releases will be under the tightest security and will be coordinated through the University Information Service, HAB 503A. Guidelines for the news release policy will be followed, and at no time will any member of the department, unless designated, comment on an ongoing investigation.

When necessary, the College community will be advised and updated of any incident of this nature through Campus Crime Alert notification posters.

Information Regarding Sexual Harassment and Assault