Calendar Dates for Current Semester

Spring 2016 Semester

W Jan 20 Official first day of the Spring 2016 semester
Tu Jan 26 End of the 100% tuition refund period
Th Feb 4 Health insurance waiver deadline for all full time students
Tu Feb 2 End of the 70% tuition refund period


Feb 3- Apr 1 Course withdrawal period ($20 Course Change Fee). Tuition is refunded per tuition refund schedule.

Feb 3- Feb 9

Late Registration/Add: $40 Late Registration Fee for first time registration or $20 Course Change Fee to add a course.
Tu Feb 9 End of the 50% tuition refund period.
    Loss of access to class information on Blackboard for students who have not accepted their financial responsibility by making payment or payment arrangements.
Tu Feb 16 End of the 30% tuition refund period
W Feb 17 Full tuition liability
Tu Feb 23 De-registration for non-payment
Tu Mar 8 Mid-point of the semester