Calendar Dates for Current Semester

Fall 2016 Semester

M Aug. 29
Official first day of the Fall 2016 semester
S Sept. 4
End of the 100% tuition refund period
F Sept. 9
Health insurance waiver deadline for all full time students
S Sept. 11
End of the 70% tuition refund period


Sept. 12- Nov. 4
Course withdrawal period ($20 Course Change Fee). Tuition is refunded per tuition refund schedule.
  Sept. 12-16
Late Registration/Add: $40 Late Registration Fee for first time registration or $20 Course Change Fee to add a course.
S Sept. 18
End of the 50% tuition refund period.
    Loss of access to class information on Blackboard for students who have not accepted their financial responsibility by making payment or payment arrangements.
S Sept. 25
End of the 30% tuition refund period
M Sept. 26
Full tuition liability
F Oct. 7
De-registration for non-payment
F Oct. 14
Mid-point of the semester