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photo of Old Main Building, Science and Technology Entry Program


Up to one hundred twenty high school students from six local districts are recommended for participation in STEP by their advisors and teachers. Students must belong to a black or hispanic minority ethnic group or meet low-income requirements. Students should also be enrolled in an at-grade level math course, have an interest in technology, science and/or mathematics, and have the approval of a parent or guardian. Please contact the school district liaison, project director, or project office for more information and application materials.

Instructors and speakers are recruited from the local high schools, the campus faculty and student body, and the community at large. Topics must be related to mathematics, the sciences, technology or licenced professions. Please contact the project director or the project office for more information and application materials.


Student Comments

Shauntaya Christie  Newburgh Free Academy

What is STEP? STEP is Educational. STEP is Interactive. STEP is Creative.

There isn't a "best" part of STEP. It is an overall phenomenal experience. Everything is great. I wondered whether STEP would be worth waking up early on a Saturday morning and when I came for my first time this year I was blown away by how much I learned and the experience that I witheld in my hands. I am now awaiting the college life.

STEP is for me. STEP is for you. STEP is for us!

Clarissa M. Espinosa Middletown High School

The Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) is a great program that enriches young minds with information about everyday school subjects all the way to the college process. STEP allows students to open their minds and be able to view education as their key to the world. A higher education is provided through different hands on activites and lessons. At every STEP class there is a speaker as well who shares their knowledge in their field of expertise. Not only does STEP teach students that education is the important thing in life, it improves their skills as a learner, observer, and writer.

Chantia Dennis Poughkeepsie High School

This program helps to build or extend the minds of young students between the grades of 7-12. My first day at the STEP program I was lost because I didn’t know anyone but then when my classes began its like everyone around me I’ve known them all along. I’ve learned new things that I haven't learned in school, also to be aware of my environment. I would engourage all parents to send their child/children to this wonderful learning experience.

Kiana Dawkins Beacon High School

When you come to New Paltz  for STEP you shouldn't be nervous, because this can give you an oportunity to meet new people and see how the students act when they go to the classes. I had fun at the last academy teaching my dad how to use the computer.

Raeshawn Small Poughkeepsie High School

The STEP program is great program that can help one get out and experience what it's like to be in college. The first day of STEP can be a nerve racking experience because you may not know what's going to be there and who's gonna be there. Once you proceed through the day you start to get used to it and you get comfortable with the environment. The modules that you take during this program have fun activities that you do. You do lab experiments that are hands on and they're very enjoyable. One of my favorite activites was using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, it was delicious