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Department of Secondary Education

Undergraduate Program: Spanish Requirements

Secondary Education - Spanish Major Requirements

An academic major is offered in Spanish language and literature for students in liberal arts or elementary and secondary education programs. A student is admitted to the major upon completion of intermediate Spanish or placement.

Summer Program in Oviedo, Spain

In cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages and the University of Oviedo, the Office of International Education offers an intensive program at the University of Oviedo for undergraduate and graduate students and teachers of Spanish (elementary and secondary). The program includes active instruction in language, phonetics, history, culture and literature. Formal instruction will be augmented by seminars, field trips, movies, plays, and public lectures. Students will have the final ten days free to travel at their own expense.

Academic Year Program in Seville, Spain

In cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages, the Office of International Education offers an academic-year program at the University of Seville to qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Spanish majors will be able to select from a wide variety of courses in Spanish language, literature, culture, civilization and social sciences. Courses in other languages and disciplines may also be taken. Non-majors may attend if they are fluent in Spanish. Prerequisite: Spanish SPA361.

Major in Spanish (36-49 credits)

Basic language courses
SPA101 Elementary Spanish I (3)
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II (3)
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I (3)
SPA202 Intermediate Spanish II (3)
SPA215 Spanish for Native Speakers* (3)

* Students with prior training or experience in Spanish may obtain waivers for one or more of the basic language courses listed above, after consultation with the Foreign Language Department. Native speakers of Spanish may substitute SPA202 for SPA215 Spanish for Native Speakers.

Required courses (24 credits)
SPA301 Spanish Composition/Conversation I (4)
SPA361 Spanish Composition/Conversation II (4)
SPA365 Culture & Civilization of Spain I (4)
SPA372 Culture of Latin America I (4)
SPA375 Survey of Spanish Literature I (4)
SPA376 Survey of Lat. American Literature I (4)

One of the following (3 credits)
SPA363 Spanish Phonetics and Oral Practice (3)
SPA461 Advanced Spanish Composition (3)
SPA462 Spanish Grammar Review for Teachers (3)

Three electives (9 credits)
Each major is required to complete by advisement 3 courses in Spanish at the 400 or 500 level.