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Department of Secondary Education

Undergraduate Program: French Requirements

Secondary Education - French Major Requirements

A major program is offered in French language and literature for students in liberal arts or elementary and secondary education programs. Students are admitted to the major upon completion of intermediate French or placement.

Paris Summer Program, France

In cooperation with the Department of Foreign Languages, the Office of International Education offers a five-week summer program in Paris for undergraduate and graduate students and for teachers of French. The program centers upon active instruction in language, literature and culture. Formal instruction is augmented by field trips, excursions, movies, and visits to museums in order to provide a first-hand knowledge of French civilization. There is also free time for travel.

Overseas Academic Year in Besançon, France

An academic year program is offered at the University of Besançon (Center for Applied Linguistics and the Faculty of Letters) to qualified undergraduate and graduate students. Students select from a wide variety of courses in French language, literature, culture, civilization, and social sciences.

Major in French (36-48 credits)

Basic Language Courses (12 credits)
FRN101 Elementary French I (3)
FRN102 Elementary French II (3)
FRN201 Intermediate French I (3)
FRN202 Intermediate French II (3)

Students with prior training or experience in French may obtain waivers for one or more of the basic language courses listed above, after consultation with the Foreign Language Department.

Required Courses (24 credits)
All of the following:
FRN301 French Composition and Conversation I (4)
FRN302 French Composition and Conversation II (4)
FRN319 French Civilization (4)
FRN320 Francophone Cultures (4)
FRN375 French Literature to 1800 (4)
FRN376 French & Franc. Lit. after 1800 (4)

One of the following (3 credits)
FRN401 Advanced French Composition/Conversation I (3)
FRN402 Advanced French Composition/Conversation II (3)

Electives (9 credits)
Each major candidate is required to complete, by advisement, 3 courses in French at the 400 level or equivalent.