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Department of Secondary Education

Undergraduate Program: Earth Science Requirements

Secondary Education - Earth Science (7-12)
60-61 credits (30 upper division)

Course Prerequisite (Corequisite)
Geology Core (27 credits)  
GLG220 Physical Geology (4)  
GLG301Historical Geology (4) GLG220
GLG311 Mineralogy-Crystallography (4) CHE201, GLG220
GLG313 Optical Mineralogy (3) (GLG311)
GLG314 Petrology (4) CHE202, GLG311, GLG313
GLG331 Stratigraphy-Sedimentation (4) MPL5, CHE201, GLG301
GLG338 Structural Geology (4) MAT251, GLG331
Geological Science Courses (11 credits)  
GLG120 Weather and Environment (4)  
GLG305 Palentology (4) BIO210 or GLG301
One of the following by advisement:  
GLG339 Natural Resources and Energy (3)  
GLG346 Conservation and Env. Impact (3)  
Cognate Courses (23-24 credits)  
CHE201 General Chemistry I (4) MPL3
CHE202 General Chemistry II (4) CHE201
MAT251 Calculus I (4) MPL5
PHY201 General Physics I (4) MAT251
One of the following by advisement:  
PHY202 General Physics II (4) PHY201, MAT252
PHY222 Fundamental Physics II (4) PHY221
One of the following:  
AST201 Exploring the Solar System (3)  
AST202 Exploring the Universe (3)  
Recommended Courses  
BIO210 Introductory Biology (4)  
CPS210 Computer Science I (4) MPL4
GEO383 Introduction to GIS (3)  

NOTES: Mathematics through MAT181 Precalculus (MPL 5) is a prerequisite required for all concentrations. Only one grade below C- is allowed in the major requirements. Carefully read the department's Advising Guidelines for additional requirements and information.