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Professional Presentations, Guest speaking, Workshops - Non Publication Activities

2006 Dean, A.V.  Enhancing Student Learning Through Socio-Dramatic Pedagogy. Dalhousie Conference on Teaching and Learning, Halifax, NS, Canada. (May 3-4)

2005 Dean, A.V. and Kolitch, E.  Six Working Class Students in Search of a University Education. Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference, Charlottetown, PE, Canada.  (June 8-11)
2003  Dean, A.V. and Kolitch, E. Critical Thinking Workshop in Language Arts & 
Mathematics.  Ministry of Education, George Town, Great Exuma, Bahamas  (May 20-22)

2001 Dean, A.V.  Teaching critical thinking through literature at the high school level.  Ministry of Education, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas.  (May 17-18).