School of Education

School of Education

Mission Statement

Our primary mission as a School of Education is to prepare reflective and critical educators and human service professionals who are well prepared, academically strong, pedagogically skilled and responsive to the needs of a diverse society.

As a leader in the mid-Hudson Valley Region, we take seriously our responsibility to contribute to thoughtful public discussion about the role of education in a democratic society and to help frame policy objectives that best serve the goals of equity, diversity, and democratic practice. The School of Education's practices and roles are firmly grounded in the values of scholarship, quality, integrity, diversity, and equality.

The School of Education will be an educational leader

Preparing educational and human service professionals by:

  • Developing a student centered environment
  • Modeling innovative practices and current best practice
  • Offering opportunities for faculty/student collaboration through research/field work and hands-on practice
  • Preparing professionals who have skills and commitment to meet the needs of all children, youth and their families in our education and human service systems

Promoting discussion and framing policy objectives by:

  • Engaging in research, scholarship and grant activities that connect theory to practice
  • Contributing to effective policy, curriculum an pedagogy
  • Generating new knowledge
  • Participating in interdisciplinary activities with colleagues in other parts of the college to promote an integrated and thoughtful general education curriculum

Serving schools and human service agencies throughout the mid-Hudson region by:

  • Providing ongoing professional development
  • Acting as a leading voice in policy development related to public education