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School of Education

Certification Application Information Sheet

TEACH Online Application Information Sheets

NYSED has an online system to apply for teaching certificates called TEACH Online. You should apply for your certificate as soon as possible so that all the elements needed for it, such as fingerprints, workshops, exam results, and college recomendations, can be collected and tracked in one place.

Here are the step-by-step directions for how to register, log-in, and apply for the appropriate teaching certificate. Please choose an informational sheet below that corresponds exactly with the degree and program in which you are currently enrolled at SUNY New Paltz.

BA Adolescence 7-12

BS Adolescence 7-12

BS Early Childhood & Childhood B-6

BS Childhood 1-6

BS Early Childhood B-2

BS Visual Arts

CAS School Business Leadership

CAS School District Leader Trans. D

CAS School Leadership (Joint Program)

MAT Adolescence 7-12

MPS Humanistic/Multicultural

MS Communication Disorders

MS School Counseling

MSED Adolescence 7-12

MSED Childhood 1-6

MSED Literacy 5-12

MSED Literacy 5-12 Spec. Ed. 7-12

MSED Literacy 5-12 Spec. Ed. 7-12 Generalist

MSED Literacy B-6

MSED Literacy B-6 Spec. Ed. 1-6

MSED Spec. Ed. 1-6

MSED Spec. Ed. 1-6 Literacy B-6

MSED Spec. Ed. 7-12

MSED Spec. Ed. 7-12 Generalist

MSED Spec. Ed. 7-12 Literacy 5-12

MSED Spec. Ed. 7-12 Generalist Literacy 5-12

MSED Spec. Ed. B-2


MSED Visual Arts

MST Childhood 1-6