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photo collage of van den Berg Hall, the clock tower, Dean Hadi Salavitabar, and undergraduate student Jumpei Onozuka

Business Support Center Speakers

"Inspired Success: Going Fore It in Golf & Life"
Presenter: Gil Anderson
Gil Anderson
The intriguing nature of golf that captivated the imagination of a six year old boy has continued on to be a passionate dedication and lifelong involvement. For Gil Anderson, the magic of the game provides a purposeful, lifelong pursuit that has led to the passionate commitment revealed in his new book, "Going Fore It: In Golf & Life."

The many twists and turns his life has taken provided an opportunity to shape his deep appreciation for the game. His search for the secrets that lie within the it factor of this remarkable game have provided insights into the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

You are invited to join him in an ongoing pursuit of the magical moments that the game of golf and life offer.

What is it all about? It's All in the Game

•  Conceive it
•  Perceive it
•  Achieve it
•  Believe it
•  Receive it
•  Deceive it
•  Retrieve it


"Inspired Success: Urgency Based Selling: The End of the Sales Country Club"
Presenter: Andy Gole
Andy Gole
An instructor at Fairleigh Dickenson University for eight years, Andy Gole now applies his full effort into putting his revolutionary ideas into play in the marketplace. His breakthrough selling and sales management programs have reshaped dozens of organizations turning them into selling machines--with immediate sales increases of more than 25 percent.

His method is based on 25 years selling experience, with over 3,000 sales calls in a variety of markets, including products and services sold B2B, sales to retailers, and direct sales to consumer (home improvements).

Before Bombadil >Breakthrough Selling sales consultancy, Mr. Gole started two other companies: a sales agency for packaging, which he grew to $7 million in sales in two years with two outside reps; and a consumer products company for which he built and managed a national sales force selling gifts to retailers and mail order companies including Kmart, Target, Wal-Mart, JC Penney.


"Inspired Success: Public Relations and PR Publishing, The Lower Manhattan Health Project"
Presenter: Donna Flayhan, Ph.D.
Donna Flayhan
Donna Flayhan, Ph.D., has developed and implemented many low budget, high impact public relations strategies and public health campaigns including campaigns with local, national, and international impact. Dr. Flayhan was invited by the Council of Europe's All Different/All Equal Campaign to lead a series of workshops in Warsaw, Poland in 2007 for the National Youth Leaders gathering with representatives from 17 nations. Dr. Flayhan has worked on Carbon Monoxide Awareness and Detector Adoptions Campaigns in Baltimore working with researchers from Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland. She has worked on campaigns to help sick veterans through promotion of science on Gulf War Syndrome with film, media, and lobbying strategies. Most recently, she founded and directed The Lower Manhattan Public Health Project, a coordinated effort to understand and spread the understanding of the plight of sick rescue, recovery, and clean-up workers suffering in the toxic aftermath of 9/11. Dr. Flayhan received the Jacques Ellul Award for Outstanding Media Ecology Activism in Mexico City in 2007 for her work on The Lower Manhattan Public Health Project.

The strategies and tactics to be discussed in the workshop apply to and can be implemented for businesses of all sizes, not-for-profits, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and social justice campaigns.

Dr. Flayhan is an Associate Professor of Communication and Media and Coordinator of the Program in Public Relations at SUNY New Paltz.


"Inspired Success: True To Your Core – Common Sense Values for Living Life to Its Fullest"
Presenter: Jay Rifenbary
Jay Rifenbary
Based on a solid foundation of core values this exciting program teaches, validates and supports the importance of key principles and skills such as, self-responsibility, organizational accountability, integrity, personal honesty, professionalism, self-respect, forgiveness, passion and positive attitude; as they pertain to one's personal and professional success, and the success of others. Ultimately, this positively contributes to the morale and productivity of the individual and organization, resulting in a higher level of performance; and a greater level of personal understanding leading to a more productive, balanced and fulfilling career and life.

You will discover how to:

•  Identify a foundation of core values applicable to the enhancement of both your personal and professional life.
•  Define those core values in regard to how they pertain to the overall mission and vision of the organization.
•  Develop an interactive blueprint of the relationship between the core values presented, and other principles of success.
•  Identify strategies for internalizing self-development and enhancing self-respect.
•  Implement forgiveness personally and professionally to enhance communication and performance.
•  Incorporate strategies for creating a healthy and productive life balance.
•  Develop the character qualities to become a principled leader in all areas of your life.


"Inspired Success: Tribal Leadership, Culture Trumps Strategy"
Presenter: Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor is a trainer for the Culture Sync Tribal Leadership Intensive- a twelve-week leadership-training program offered to the public. A results-oriented executive with a 35-year history as an accomplished CEO and corporate manager, Mr. Taylor's extensive leadership and operational experience offers a diversity of relevant business building skills and perspective to Chief Executives and business owners worldwide. As a certified national speaker with Vistage International, his workshop on Tribal Leadership has been ranked one of the best in the country.


"Inspired Success: e-Media, becoming known and recognizable"
Presenter: Aaron Mandelbaum
Aaron Mandelbaum
Social Media 911- Find, Protect and Grow Your Online Reputation

There is a dialog happening; are you in the room? If for some reason nobody is talking about your brand or industry online, they will start tomorrow. How will you know exactly where they are talking? What are they saying? Is it good or bad, accurate or false? This talk discusses the techniques top digital marketing agencies are using to listen and respond to their digital audience. Key questions we discuss include, "How do you discover and respond to customer issues?" and "How can you increase online conversation about your company?"

We will look at important case studies, which highlight both large and small companies, non-profits, B2C, service industries and B2Bs.

• Tools to determine the amount of conversation being had online
• Understanding of top techniques for listening to your customers
• Self-assessment tools
• Holistic marketing strategies that link brand sentiment with ongoing strategies

Best described as an entrepreneur and digital strategist, Aaron Mandelbaum is the founder of Icebreaker Consulting, which provides technology, social media, marketing and SEO services for businesses and individuals.

Icebreaker Consulting specializes in boosting ROI and productivity through customized education.

Mr. Mandelbaum has spoken for numerous executive groups including Vistage, CEO Trust, IERG and SCORE. He has also spoken for and has been quoted by key publications including Internet Retailer and

He received a Philosophy degree from the University of Maine in Orono and a MBA in strategic management from Pace University.