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Office of Student Activities and Union Services

Student Staff

Our Student Activities Manager (SAM) Staff oversee all aspects of the Student Union Building.  They are responsible for monitoring the building, providing technology support to our audio/visual equipment, supervising our student work study staff, supporting student/departmental events, and are always available to assist students in the Student Union.  Stop by the HQ at the Student Union desk to say hi!


SAM Elssy

Elssy Jose

Major: Communication Disorders
Hometown: Currently live in New York City, born and raised in the Dominican Republic
Class Year: Junior
Favorite Thing About the Student Union: I love how some rooms are used for something totally different from what they were originially created for.


SAM Marcelle

Marcelle Katri

Major: Accounting and Psychology
Hometown: River Edge, New Jersey
Class Year: Senior
Favorite Thing About the Student Union: All of the programs and events that students can go to.


SAM Stephanie

Stephanie Voyard

Major: Music Therapy
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Class Year: Sophomore
Favorite Thing About the Student Union: The food court!