The HQ at the Student Union is open every day from 9:00 AM - 12:00 AM.  The HQ at the Student Union is closed during winter recess, spring recess and summer break.  For assistance during these periods of time, stop by the Office of Student Activities and Union Services in Student Union 211 from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM.


The HQ at the Student Union is located on the 1st floor of the atrium.  The HQ at the Student Union staff will provide you with assistance and information about the Student Union Building. The staff is also a great resource for learning about events that take place in the Student Union, campus activities and involvement opportunities around campus. Student clubs with office space in the Student Union also sign keys out.  Additionally, any student can get the equipment they need to enjoy the pool tables and air hockey equipment in the Entertainment Commons.


Office Key Sign-out Procedures
Organizations which are assigned office space in the Student Union Building are asked to submit names of individuals with room privileges using the Student Union Office Access and Key Sign Out Permission List form to Student Activities and Union Services.  There will be a binder at HQ with a list of authorized users and key receipt log.  You must have a New Paltz ID to obtain a key from the staff located at the information desk. Students may only sign out keys for organizations to which they have permission to access.  Many offices are shared by multiple student groups making it imperative that individuals return keys to the HQ immediately after use.

Entertainment Commons Equipment Sign-Out
Students looking to use equipment for the pool or air hockey tables need only to stop at the HQ at the Student Union!  You will be required to show your SUNY New Paltz Student ID in order to sign out pool cues or air hockey mallets. Our HQ at the Student Union staff will also be able to assist any student encountering a problem with the equipment.



Each semester the office of Student Activities and Union Services fills various employment vacancies to ensure a smooth operation of the Student Union.  These vacancies are available only to SUNY New Paltz students.  Job listings are posted prior to each semester or time of vacancy.