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Office of Student Activities and Union Services

Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Honor Society

SUNY New Paltz recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the fraternity/sorority community with induction into the Theta Omega Chapter of Gamma Sigma Alpha, National Greek Honor Society.  Students are eligible for membership based on grade point average and membership in a recognized fraternity or sorority. The Society strives to uphold the high ideals of scholastic achievement and therefore, only fraternity/sorority members with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above (on a 4.0 scale) at the start of their junior year or a grade point average of 3.5 or higher in any semester during their junior or senior year are eligible.  Grades must have been earned while an active/new member of a recognized Fraternity or Sorority.

Please visit the Gamma Sigma Alpha National Website for more information.

Spring 2018: 11 Members Inducted April 20, 2018

Matthew Bermudez, Tau Kappa Epsilon
India Courtney, Alpha Phi Omega
Sheryl Cruz Garcia, Sigma Lambda Upsilon
Victoria Dugan, Sigma Delta Tau
Ashley Galarza, Sigma Iota Alpha
Kaitlin Lopez, Sigma Lambda Upsilon

Erin Malin, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Menorka Rodriguez, Omega Phi Beta
McKenzi Ruetz, Sigma Delta Tau
Dayna Stechel, Alpha Epsilon Phi
James Variano, Kappa Delta Phi

Spring 2017: 26 Members Inducted April 21, 2017

Nicholas Agneta, Alpha Phi Omega
Cecilia Bolger, Sigma Delta Tau
Kathryn Bompensiero, Alpha Phi Omega
Catherine Botero, Sigma Delta Tau
Caitlin Burke, Sigma Delta Tau
Emily Chason, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Gabriella Conceicao, Sigma Delta Tau
Jennifer Galvin, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Crystal Green, Sigma Delta Tau
Ellen Halady, Sigma Delta Tau
Jessica Herd, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Kathryn Howell, Alpha Epsilon Phi
McKenzie McNeill, Alpha Phi Omega

Catherine Morba, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Elizabeth Muzyka, Alpha Phi Omega
Justin Myerson, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Andrea Pena, Sigma Lambda Upsilon
Pamela Reyes, Sigma Iota Alpha
Carmela Rigaglia, Sigma Delta Tau
Luisana Roman, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Angelica Rozza, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Benjamin Schoenfeld, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Jennifer Seelig, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Joshua Siegel, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Michael Smith, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Jessica Wiessner, Alpha Kappa Phi

Spring 2016: 45 Members Inducted April 15, 2016

Meghan Ahearn, Sigma Delta Tau
Chabreah Alston, Zeta Phi Beta
Marisa Barbera, Sigma Delta Tau
Olivia Barry, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Jane Biedermann, Sigma Delta Tau
Alexa Bourous, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Kristen Bucki, Alpha Phi Omega
Kiana Campozano, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Katelyn Clark, Sigma Delta Tau
Gabrielle Cohen, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Rosalba Corrao, Alpha Phi Omega
Grace Debono, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Jessica Devaux, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Rachel Dragos, Alpha Phi Omega
Marcella Ferraro, Sigma Delta Tau
Megan Flaherty, Alpha Epsilon Phi
David Frankle, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Nia Garfinkel, Alpha Kappa Phi
Jessica Gomez, Chi Upsilon Sigma
Tyone Haynes, Tau Kappa Epsilon
Marfry Hernandez, Chi Upsilon Sigma
Alyssa Hobart, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Emma Koch, Sigma Delta Tau

Jessica Kruk, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Indira Larancuent, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Korey LeClair, Kappa Delta Phi
Evelyn Mendez, Sigma Delta Tau
Veronica Mina, Alpha Phi Omega
Martina Nadeau, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Katisha Patrice, Lambda Tau Omega
Hannah Peterson, Alpha Phi Omega
Shelby Platia, Alpha Phi Omega
Louise Puma, Sigma Delta Tau
Marie Pusateri, Alpha Kappa Phi
Elizabeth Rubin, Sigma Delta Tau
Forrest Schaffer, Pi Alpha Nu
Jacquline Shannon, Alpha Phi Omega
Malanna Spencer, Zeta Phi Beta
Toni Starks, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Raquel Suarez, Omega Phi Beta
Paige Thorsen, Sigma Delta Tau
Hayley Torswick, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Jamie Tyler, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Danielle Wilcox, Alpha Phi Omega
Nicole Zeltmann, Alpha Phi Omega

Spring 2015: 19 Members Inducted April 10, 2015

Jenna Anzalone, Sigma Delta Tau
Kimberly Baldeo Ward, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Donna Brocco, Sigma Delta Tau
Alexandra Carlino, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Christopher Fusco, Pi Alpha Nu
Nicolette Gaggi, Sigma Delta Tau
Jillian Gawricki, Alpha Kappa Phi
Elizabeth Gottlieb, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Jeffrey Harris, Pi Alpha Nu
Zachary Horowitz, Alpha Epsilon Pi

Melanie Kaplan, Alpha Kappa Phi
Dana Leuffen, Sigma Delta Tau
Tamara Litt, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Jesse Pilnik, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Thomas Pulaski, Kappa Delta Phi
Allison Randall, Sigma Delta Tau
Jessica Restivo, Sigma Delta Tau
Tiffany Robertson, Sigma Delta Tau
Jessica Sternlicht, Kappa Delta Phi NAS

Spring 2014: 12 Members Inducted April 18, 2014

Sandra Arellano, Chi Upsilon Sigma
Tara Butler, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Sara Caruso, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Holly Citeno, Sigma Delta Tau
Gabrielle Gaynor, Alpha Kappa Phi
Brooke Mistretta, Alpha Epsilon Phi

Brittany Noble, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Esthephanie Peralta, Chi Upsilon Sigma
Vicki Quinones, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Maritza Sanchez, Sigma Iota Alpha
Angela Shriman, Alpha Kappa Phi
Scarlett Valentin, Sigma Delta Tau

Spring 2013: 17 Members Inducted April 19, 2013

Nicole Artus, Sigma Delta Tau
Ross Ballot, Kappa Delta Phi
Jenna Bekier, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Sara Bernstein, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Leeann Carroll, Sigma Delta Tau
Jessica Gentile, Sigma Delta Tau
Alyssa Kennedy, Sigma Delta Tau
Kaylah Kennedy, Sigma Delta Tau
Sarah Lambert, Sigma Delta Tau

Hayley Landau, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Nicole Mauro, Alpha Kappa Phi
Victor Ortiz, Tau Kappa Epsilon
Jessica Riehm, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Christine Riolo, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Austin Schatz, Kappa Delta Phi
Jesse Solotoff, Alpha Epsilon Pi
Brooke Teta, Kappa Delta Phi NAS

Spring 2012: 11 Members Inducted April 27, 2012

Kelly Cutrone, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Abigail Felix, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Caitlin Hiltz, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Chelsea Hirsch, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Laura Kaempf, Sigma Delta Tau
Meghan Keeler, Alpha Kappa Phi

Marianne Lomurno, Sigma Delta Tau
Kaitlin Montelione, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Samantha Morgan, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Lindsay Perez, Sigma Lambda Gamma
Amanda Smith, Sigma Delta Tau

Spring 2011: 13 Members Inducted into Chartering Class, April 29, 2011

Juliette Brandon, Sigma Delta Tau
Jessica Breitman, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Leslie Green, Alpha Kappa Phi
Megan Greico, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Carlyn Justis, Sigma Delta Tau
Cristina Morales, Sigma Lambda Upsilon
Patricia O'Sullivan, Kappa Delta Phi NAS

Devon Palma, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Meredith Poulos Keating, Kappa Delta Phi NAS
Gabriela Rivera, Sigma Delta Tau
Jill Spadafora, Sigma Delta Tau
Julia Vogel, Alpha Epsilon Phi
Gabriella Wilkens, Alpha Kappa Phi