The Office of Student Activities and Union Services wants to help make your experience as an off-campus or commuter student as easy and enjoyable as possible. Between our programs, services, and facilities, we truly strive to make the Student Union and SUNY New Paltz a home-away-from-home for you. Feel free to stop by our office in Student Union 211 to say hello, meet the staff, and make some suggestions as to how we can improve campus life for you even more.

Commuter Assistant Program

The Commuter Assistant Program connects new off-campus and commuter students with "seasoned" off-campus and commuter students who provide support and camaraderie during the new students' first year. Commuter assistants are campus leaders who are dedicated to helping other students have a great college experience. Our commuter assistants hold office hours in the Commuter Lounge and host programs throughout the year that specifically meet the needs of our off-campus and commuter students. Meet your 2015-2016 Commuter Assistants.

Applications for 2016-2017 Commuter Assistant Positions are available now! 

Commuter Lounge

Visit the Commuter Lounge on the first floor of the Student Union, located in room 100S. This space was specifically designed with commuter students in mind, as a place to hang out in between classes. There are tables where you can do homework, couches and a big-screen TV to relax, a printer, charging stations for your laptop/cell phone, a microwave to heat up your lunch, and information on upcoming programs and events for commuters and off-campus students. 

Commuter Locker Rentals

Consider renting a locker in the Student Union for your books and personal items. Instead of carrying everything back and forth between your car/apartment and classes, you can keep items on campus. Lockers are in the lower level of the Student Union (near the Bookstore). Rentals are $10 per semester (plus a $10 deposit), and you can rent for one semester or the academic year. Visit the Office of Student Activities and Union Services at the start of each semester to sign up.


Get text message and/or email reminders about our events. To sign up go to, click on "Student Services" where you can adjust your settings for NP Alert.

Off Campus and Commuter Student Handbook

Additional Information for Students Commuting from Home

Additional Information for Students Living Off Campus

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