Course Descriptions

Adventures in Art (Grades K-2), 10am - 12pm | $224

For kids who love to get messy and make all kinds of art, this class is a hands-on, multi-media exploration of basic art making materials and processes such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and three-dimensional sculpture.  We will experiment with a variety of media to make colorful and expressive works of art. We will discover together in this energetic and play-based approach to art making. 

Art Explorations (Grades 3-5), 10am - 12pm | $224

For young artists who love to draw, paint, and build, this class explores different approaches, tools, and materials of art making. We emphasize an exposure to a variety of media, and will guide hands-on experimentation and creative problem solving through drawing, painting, digital art, collage and 3-dimensional art making activities. We will explore both traditional materials such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, tempera and watercolor, as well as try out new ones, such as found objects, recycled materials, and organic materials, to make unique and expressive works of art.

Digital Arts Workshop (Grades 5-8), 10am - 12pm | $224

Using the computer and camera, students will explore the infinite creative possibilities of digital media. We will make photographs, learn how to scan images, gain experience with Photoshop, and create original digital videos and animations in SUNY New Paltz's extensive Mac labs. Using personal stories and elements of art and design, this class will support imaginative experimentation in digital media including image manipulation, composition, projection and installation.

Art Workshop (Grades 6-8), 1pm - 3pm | $224

For young artists who are expanding and refining their two-dimensional and three-dimensional art making skills, we will use both conventional and unconventional tools and materials to explore symbolic, representational, and expressive aspects of drawing, painting, printmaking, three-dimensional and time-based art making such as video and performance art. Concepts such as narrative, metaphor, and abstraction will be explored through explorations of color and color mixing, mark-making, observational rendering, and other material investigations. Projects may include comic book drawing, PhotoShop, photo-collage, large-scale sculpture, and acrylic painting.

Art Studio (Grades 9-12), 1pm - 3pm | $224

In a studio environment, students will engage in sustained artistic investigations and problem solving in a range of materials and processes. Students will explore advanced techniques in two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time-based media to make representational, expressive and conceptual works of art, using both traditional and new media, helping them to build a strong and varied portfolio. Projects may also include collaborative art, installations and performance art. Students learn strategies for conceiving their work and bringing it to completion and receive ongoing guidance and feedback from their instructors.

Piano for Beginners (ages 8-10) 10am - 11am | $112

Discover the joy of music-making! Learn how to play the piano in a group setting through a focused study of rhythm, note-reading and piano technique. Students will learn to improvise, make music together, and build a strong piano technique and excellent habits. This course aims to give students a strong foundation to support future musical study and a life-long love of music.
Instructor: Alex Peh

Experimental Music: Music Composition (ages 11 and up) 10:30am - 11:30am | $112

This composition course places experimental music at the center of new approaches for writing music. We will explore unconventional and manipulated instruments such as the toy piano, prepared piano and other found-sound objects. Each class we will explore the resonance of instruments and creatively invent our own notation using both traditional and untraditional notation. No previous musical experience necessary.
Instructor: Phyllis Chen

Beginning Music Composition (ages 7-10) 1pm - 2pm | $112

Beginning Music Composition is an opportunity for kids to create and perform their own music. This exploratory course will approach music composition through drawing, graphic scores, improvisation, basic instrument-building and other games. We will study and perform pieces from the contemporary classical music tradition (such as John Cage) that has influenced experimental music. Each class will focus on team-based creation and performance of new musical sounds, resulting in a final composition project at the end of the term. No previous musical experience necessary.
Instructor: Phyllis Chen