Course Descriptions

Musical Theatre Workshop 10am-12pm (grades 3-8) $208

Calling all kids who love to sing and dance and act! Students will get to work with Denise Summerford, a Broadway actress and experience the full process of creating a musical theatre piece in a professional format. We will focus on music, choreography and acting. Material may include Broadways shows and musical theatre classics. The class will culminate in a showcase performance for family and friends. Instructor: Denise Summerford

Junior Rock Band 10:30am-12pm (grades 3-6) $156

Do you want to play the guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and sing in a rock band? Then, join our band! Under the guidance of Julian Baker, director of the New Paltz Rock Experience, students will have the opportunity to improvise, learn new chords, how to project their voices, and create new rhythms. Emphasis will be on collaboration and learning ways to work together in a group. Students will play rock classics and work towards a performance at the end of the session. Participants should know the basics of any of the following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards. Students who play other instruments are welcome to join the band but must bring their own instruments. Instructor: Julian Baker

Art/Science Mashup 10am-12pm (grades 3-6) $208

Science and art have more in common than you might think. Both are driven by the desire to better understand ourselves and our world. Both require experimentation and openness to new perspectives. In this class, we will explore the science behind various mediums and visual concepts while creating unique works of art. Projects may include marbling paper, resist techniques, working with the Fibonacci sequence, papier mache and much more. We will make some new discoveries and develop innovative uses for common materials. We will definitely have a lot of messy fun. Instructor: Kerry Pharmer

Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation 10am-12pm (grades 2–5) $208

Students will learn the complete production process of stop-motion animation. They will use various objects and materials to animate, capture footage in an animation software, use iMovie to edit, add sound, and upload to the internet or send via email to share their creations. The focus is on spontaneity and experimental fun—each student will create at least one complete short movie in each class. Instructor: Keiko Sono

Adventures in Water Media 10am-12pm (K-2) $208

Using patterns found in nature and the work of artists as inspiration, students will develop playful artworks of exploration and transformation. Working with different media and techniques of image making and accompanied by music and dance, students will discover watercolor, ink and crayon resist as well as monotype printmaking. Instructor: Zahra Nazari

Photograph your World 10am-12pm (grades 8-12) $208

In this class, students will learn about themselves and their unique perspectives through photography. Weekly assignments and class discussions will guide the student through instruction in composition, basic photographic techniques and basic digital printing. The class will culminate in an exhibition. Instructor: Deborah DeGraffenreid

Adventures in 3D 1pm-2:30pm (grades K-2) $156

Do you love to build, combine, and create? Come experience the fun and challenge of making three-dimensional art. Young artists will explore form, color, and texture as they create with clay, papier mache, wire, plaster, fiber, found objects and more. Instructor: Deborah DeGraffenreid

The Rock Experience 1pm-3pm (grades 7-10) $208

This class offers the experience to play in an organized band under the instruction of Julian Baker, director of the New Paltz Rock Experience. Students will learn songs from the rock repertoire while developing skills and techniques in music and collaboration. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their own songs. The class will culminate in a live performance. Participants should know the basics of any of the following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards. Students who play other instruments are welcome to join the band but must bring their own instruments. Instructor: Julian Baker

Drawing Studio 1pm-3pm (grades 7-12) $208

This class is for students who love to draw and wish to improve their powers of observation as well as their technical skills. Students will learn traditional drawing skills such as perspective, shading and composition using a variety of mediums. They will also discover new ways of using drawing as an expressive tool. This drawing  intensive will encourage students to take their personal work to a higher level.  Instructor: Kerry Pharmer

TMI Project Storytelling Workshop 1pm-3:30pm (grades 8-12) $260

In this Page to Stage Workshop, participants create well-crafted monologues based on real-life stories. We focus on the parts of stories that people usually leave out, which listeners will most want to hear. TMI immerses participants in a creative environment that builds their ability to write, reflect, perform, and transform. Students will engage in improv warm-up exercises and games, writing exercises, as well as have the opportunity to receive feedback from the instructor and the class. The class will culminate in a performance. Instructor: Patty Curry

Creative Stop-Motion Animation 1pm-3:30pm (grades 6–9) $260

This class will introduce students to various techniques and expressions of stop-motion animation, from clay and LEGO to pixilation using everyday objects. They will learn the complete workflow from capturing to editing, and some advanced techniques such as rotoscoping, lip-synching, and green screen keying. Instructor: Keiko Sono.