Course Descriptions

All classes are taught by advanced art education students under the supervision of art education faculty.

The program fee for classes is $65 for the 9-week session.

  • Morning classes (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)


Heroric Design and Discovery (Grades K-1)

K-1 Artists will discover what makes heroes and heroins super. They will be planning and creating their own fictional superheroes as well as artistically exploring heroes and heroins in their own communities. They will be discovering the importance of design through sketching, clay, collage, costume design and more. Unite together for this individual and collaborative art experience!


Native American Art & Story (K, Grades 1-2)

Students will engage with picture books and art created by American Indian artists and authors about family, home, food, pets and animals, sports and hobbies and learn alphabets and counting in Native languages. Students will make connections by painting, drawing, sculpting in clay, paper-mâché, and printmaking, while several guest Native artists join our classes.


Exploring Environmental Art (Grades 2-4)

Students will work with natural elements and transform them as works of art! Students will expand their vocabulary of art materials, develop an appreciation for the environment, and understand art-making beyond canvas and paint. We will connect with the community through visiting artists, as well as build our own community in our classroom.


Let's Go and Clay (Grades 3, 4, 5)

Come learn about all the magic of clay. We'll be exploring and creating sculptures, vessels, and more! We'll work independently and collaboratively and really learn to how to appreciate the wonders of ceramics.