Staying Involved

Stay in touch with fellow retired faculty and professional staff through your listing in the "Directory of Retired Faculty" published each year.  Send your current information to either
Dr. Ray Snider
10 Lookout Ave.
New Paltz

Join your colleagues for the Retired Faculty and Staff lunch, held bi-annually at the College Terrace.
Ray Snider
10 Lookout Ave.
New Paltz

Participate in Alumni Reunions each fall as a guest of the Alumni Office.  Join the Alumni Newswire, a monthly e-mail sent to alumni.
Rayna Wendell
HAC 105
(845) 257-3230

Attend campus athletic, theatre, academic and other cultural events
See our Calendar of Events for dates.

Participate in Commencement Exercises
Judy Albertson
HAB 503A
Phone: (845) 257-3972

Participate in Alumni events
Rayna Wendell
Hopfer Alumni Center 105
Phone: (845) 257-3230

UUP retirees are encouraged to continue to attend the Annual Holiday Open House at the President's home for faculty and professional staff.

Join the President for a special luncheon at his Home held each summer for faculty who retired in the previous academic year.

Volunteer to work at the Dorsky Museum, guiding visitors who attend our exhibits.
Contact Amy Pickering
Phone: (845) 257-3844