Retired Faculty/Staff


Who is a retiree?
A retiree is an individual who has retired from employment with SUNY New Paltz and is collecting (or, is eligible to collect) a pension from a publicly administered NYS pension system.

This Web site is designed for retired faculty, professionals and staff of SUNY New Paltz. It provides:

  • Information about services available to you as a retiree
  • Who to contact to learn more about those services
  • Ways for you to continue your relationship with the college

During your time on campus, you worked hard to make New Paltz a dynamic institution. We hope you will continue to be interested and involved now that you are retired.  The college is a community with scholarly and personal ties, and we encourage you to continue those ties through your retirement. Many of you participate in campus life, attending arts and theater events, serving on the committee for Friends of the Sojourner Truth Library, cheering our teams at sporting events and serving as guides in the Dorsky Museum, among many other ways. Our retiree’ presence on campus assures a sense of continuity through time. This Web page is a resource for you to continue your involvement with the college, and to keep you current about what’s happening on campus and what services we offer retirees. We’d like to hear from you about ways you maintain that connection with the campus community and how we can help and encourage that participation.

For general questions, please contact:
Jane Wood
Development Office
HAB 501
Phone: (845) 257-3240

Make sure the college has your current contact information on file! Contact:
Alan Dunefsky
Development Office
Phone (845) 257-3986