The Louis and Mildred Resnick Institute for the Study of Modern Jewish Life

Past Presentations

1989: Robert Jay Lifton, "The Nazi Doctors"

1990: Raul Hilberg, "The Politics of Remembrance"

1991: Henry Feingold, "Power and Powerlessness: American Jews During the Holocaust"

1992: "The Children of Izieu": A Video Documentary (Sheila Schwartz, writer and producer), introduced by Beatte Klarsfeld

1993: Charles Fishman, "Holocaust Poetry," Messian's "Quartet for the End of Time," Vladimir Feltsman, Pianist, Si Lewen, "The Artist and the Holocaust"

1994: Helen Fein, "The Holocaust and Genocide: Past and Present," Carole Levin, "Warrant for Genocide: Antisemitism and 'The Merchant of Venice'"


Holocaust Memorial Presentation with John Neumaier, Diane Leonore Neumaier and Gerry Sorin on April 10, 2002

1995: Deborah Lipstadt, "Denying the Holocaust"

1996: Ruth Gruber, "Haven: An American Rescue Of Holocaust Refugees"

1997: Edward Linenthal, "Preserving Memory: The Struggle To Create America's Holocaust Museum"

1998: David S. Wyman, "The Abandonment of the Jews"

1999: Peter Balakian, "The Transmission of Trauma Across Generations: Writing A Memoir About Growing Up in the Suburbs and the Armenian Genocide"

2000: June Beallor, "'The Last Days': Eyewitness Testimony and Archival Footage"

2001: Sydney Schanberg, "The Importance of Being a Witness"

2002: John J. Neumaier, "One Voice, Many Voices: Memories of Persecution and the Holocaust," Diane L. Neumaier "The Making Of The Exhibition: A Voice Silenced"

2003: Jan Gross, "Neighbors: The Story of the Jedwabne Murders and its Reception in Poland."

2004: Elizabeth Rosner, "Turning Sorrow into Song: the Holocaust in Memory and Art"

2005: Jerry Silverman, "The Undying Flame: Songs and Ballads of the Holocaust"

2006: Yale Strom, "Klezmer on Fish Street."

2007: Marion A. Kaplan. "Private and public resistance to Nazi persecution: German-Jewish families and teens respond."

2008: DR.MARIANNE HIRSCH: "Street Photographs: 'Before, During and After' the Holocaust"

2009: "Holocaust Memorial Presentations" Joshua Rubenstein, Harvard University, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, on "The Unknown Black Book"

April 6th
Thorsten Wagner of The Education Department of the Jewish Museum of Berlin
The Renaissance of Jewish Life in Germany

April 13th
Myriam Miedzian, Social Philosopher, author of Boys Will Be Boys and Generations
He Walked Through Walls.
A Twentieth-Century Tale of Survival

2011: Yale Strom, Klezmer violinist and his ensemble, performing his composition, "In the Memory Of..."

2012: Carole Bell Ford: Children in the Holocaust and in their Later Years

2012: 25th Annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture
"Fiction's Archive": John Hersey, The Wall, and the American Image of Jewish Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto: Dr. Nancy Sinkoff, Jewish Studies Department, Rutgers University

2013: 26th Annual Holocaust Presentation" "Etty," a one-woman performance by Susan Stein based on the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum.

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