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The Mirage Theatre Company production of Distant Survivors
April 20, 2016

THIS IS s a powerful theatre piece that explores the hatred and inhumanity of the Holocaust.   More than that, as the news reminds us daily -- terrorism rooted in hatred persists around the globe, the play offers the opportunity to spark discussions and deepen our understanding of “the Other.”


Seen through the eyes of an American of German descent and nephew to Nazi soldiers who is haunted by memories, phantoms and living Holocaust witnesses on a visit to Germany, the play takes us on one man’s surrealistic journey that is deeply moving and revelatory.  Based on the Holocaust-themed poetry of William Heyen, Distant Survivors features local actors Ralph Cashen, Lew Gardner, Phillip X Levine, and Linda Roper.  


“Set fifty years after the actual Holocaust, the play reminds us how anti-Semitism still lurks in human hearts in our current global surroundings.  The gift of remembering through this remarkable play becomes a powerful antibiotic against the plague of anti-Semitism of yesteryear, aware that it still resides among us today and tomorrow.” Pastor Daniel B. Ward, St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Poughkeepsie, NY