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The 25th Annual Louis and Mildred Resnick Holocaust Memorial Presentation

April 29th @ 7:30


A one-woman performance of "Etty," a play adapted and performed by Susan Stein and directed by Austin Pendleton, an Ensemble member of Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Susan Stein's internationally acclaimed adaptation of the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum, a brilliant Jewish Dutch woman, murdered in Auschwitz , who loved everything about life from sex and strawberry cake to Rilke and Dostoevsky, is performed in a mesmerizing, heartbreaking evening of theatre which powerfully honors its subject.

Etty Hillesum wrote the life she was living -- her loves, her work, her wry sense of humor, and her struggle to sustain humanity in the face of the Nazis' unspeakable brutality. Susan Stein's adaptation of Hillesum's writings and the performance of Etty's words as if they were her own, is not only a unique chance to get to know Etty, but to think again deeply about our own responsibility in a world where the promise of "never again" has yet to be realized.

ADMISSION FREE - Thanks to the generosity of the Theatre Department

Come Early - General Seating

Brought to New Paltz with the generous help of:
Robert Hershkowitz                       Phyllis Freeman and David Krikun
Joyce ’68 and Mark’67 Lapping    Andrea Lurie and Nancy Rosen
Myra and Gerald Sorin                   Sally and William Rhoads
Carol and Don Roper                      William Sheeley
Stephen Whitfield

Gerald Sorin, Director
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