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Opportunities > Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience

In an effort to encourage and support the connections between undergraduate student learning and faculty scholarship, the Office of Academic Affairs will provide support for faculty-mentored student scholarship through the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Program. Support will be provided for activities that create new knowledge or works in ways commensurate with practices in the discipline. The expectation of this program is to further the education experience of our students through active participation in their field of study. This program is open to all faculty wishing to mentor students in projects that enable the student to achieve beyond that which is possible in the classroom.

Faculty mentors will direct and provide guidance to participating students as they work on a specific project (which may be a particular aspect of the faculty's research program) during the course of a semester. Each student will meet weekly with their faculty mentor to discuss progress and problems that may arise during the semester. This interaction will allow students the opportunity to gain experience in communicating their plans and questions associated with their project. Graduate students and undergraduates may also apply for research funds through the Student Association's Research Project line.

» Download the AYURE call for proposals- fall 2015 (.docx)
** Please contact the RSCA Director (, X3776) with your proposal application questions.

Deadlines for AYURE proposals are typically in the 12th-13th week of the semester. A second call for fall proposals is typically sent out at the beginning of the fall semester with an early September deadline.

Download the AYURE proposal evaluation sheet (Word)

Download an example AYURE proposal. This proposal was considered excellent by all members of the RSCA Advisory Board.


The spring 2015 AYURE Projects:

Joseph Dunstan, Chemistry, '17 (Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Anderson, Chemistry)
Elaboration of BINOL by Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

Joseph Ruotolo, Mathematics, '15 (Mentor: Diego Dominici, Mathematics)
High Voltage Measurement Techniques Applied to a Tesla Coil

Euin Cheong, Cell/Molecular Biology, '16 (Mentor: Hon Ho, Biology)
The Effect of Fungicides on the Growth, Sporulation and Sexual Reproduction of Phytophthora capsici

Ewa Danisewicz, Biology, '15 and Zachary Thom, Biology/History, '16 (Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
Determination of LC50 in Planaria for BPA and BPS with and without Tamoxifen

Valerie Stanson, Biology, '15 and Bryan Krebs, Biology, '15 (Mentor: David Richardson, Biology)
Linking Dynamics of Lake Minnewaska Across Seasons

Sean Hill, Mathematics, '15 (Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova, Mathematics)
Supersymmetric Extension of Laplace Transformations

Shay O'Leary, Psychology/Psychobiology, '15 (Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi, Psychology)
Young Children's Conceptual Understanding of Objects (Assessment of Categorical Knowledge)

Julie Planke, Psychology/Psychobiology, '16 (Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi, Psychology)
Young Children's Understanding of Real and Depicted Objects (Assessment of 2D-3D Perception)

Bradley Miro, Mathematics/Computer Science, '15 and Dylan Rose, Mathematics/Astronomy, '16
(Mentor: Francis Valiquette, Mathematics)
Equivalence of Linear Second-Order Finite Difference Operators

The fall 2014 AYURE Projects:

Ronald Aucapina, Biology, '16 (Mentor: Megan Ferguson, Chemistry)
Predicting Adhesion between AFM Cantilevers and Bacterial Surfaces

Jessica Gallagher, English/Secondary English Education, '15 (Mentor: Julie Gorlewski, Secondary Education)
Revealing the Hidden Curriculum: Teacher Voices in an Era of Standardized Reform

Nicholas Golom, Biology, '15 (Mentor: Jason Valens, Biology)
Optimization of FISH for Visualization of Microbes within a Marine Biofilm

Josh Johnikutty, Biology/Chemistry, '17 (Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
An Examination of the Actin Cytoskeletonin Planaria Exposed to BPA

Kimberly Lane, Biology, '15 (Mentor: Maureen Morrow, Biology)
Caspase Activation by Ru Based Compounds

Jennifer McGreevey, Journalism/ Evolutionary Studies/ Philosophy, '14 (Mentor: Victor DeMunck, Anthropology)
Is Romantic Love a Cultural Universal? A Cross Cultural Analysis

Izabella Mlynarska, Biology/Evolutionary Studies, '15 (Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
Further Investigation of Microtubules in Planaria Exposed to BPA

Joseph Ruotolo, Mathematics, '15 (Mentor: Diego Dominici, Mathematics)
Analysis of Wireless Power Transmission from a Tesla Coil

Dylan Sheppard, Art/Computer Science, '16 (Mentor: Bryan Czibesz, Art)
Experiments in Wearable 3D Printing: Processes, Materials, and Desktop Manufacturing

James Tompkins, Physics, '16 (Mentor: Pamela St. John, Chemistry)
Force Microscopy of Mixed SAM Surfaces and DNA Aggregates

Stevie White, Biology, '15, and Velisha Guillaume, Biology, '15
(Mentors: Maureen Morrow, Biology, Frantz Folmer-Anderson, Chemistry)
Purification and characterization of an Antifungal Metabolite


Download a list of AYURE projects since fall 2007 (pdf)

Download a list of AYURE projects since fall 2007 (Excel)

Students who have participated in the SURE and AYURE programs will be invited to apply for the Travel Award for Undergraduates. This award supports attendance at a professional conference to present the faculty-mentored research results. Attendance at professional conference will continue the research experience by enabling the student to participate in the professional environment of sharing knowledge and creative projects. The Travel Award application and information can be found at the RSCA Conference Travel Funds page.


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