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photo of students presenting their research work

Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation.

The 2016 SRS is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, April 29. The abstract submission deadline is April 7. Please go to the SRS abstract submission page to register your poster presentation for the symposium after March 3. The 2016 SRS is scheduled for Friday, April 29. Those students who wish to present their research at the Student Research Symposium should consult with a faculty advisor and submit an abstract (abstract instructions).

Photos of the 2015 SRS can be viewed in our Facebook album. Click here for the 2015 SRS Abstract Book.

Please be aware of the updated human subjects research regulations:Posters based on student research exercises can be posted on campus and students can present at the Student Research Symposium. Student research exercises that did not receive HREB approval must be labeled as such on all posters and in all presentations.  They must include a label that says: This project was conducted as a Student Research Exercise and was not approved by the SUNY New Paltz HREB. All other research projects involving human subjects must be approved by HREB.



Friday, May 1


Introductions, announcement of the Faculty Mentor Award 4-4:30 p.m.

Poster Session I 4:30-5:10 p.m.

Phytochemical and Insecticidal Studies on Studies on T.arjuna
John Hoffmann (Biochemistry) Renato Lucio De Carvalho (Chemistry)
Ilana Heckler (Chemistry) Alfonso Garcia (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentors: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) Aaron Haselton (Biology)

Forest Edge/Interior Effects on Animal Relative Abundance
Matthew Richards (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Eric Keeling (Biology)

Masting and Acorn Size Trade-offs in Red and White Oak
Yanjing Ma (Biology) Samantha Manno (Biology) Nadia Ouedraogo (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Eric Keeling (Biology)

Interaction of BHT with BPA in Planaria
Ewa Danisewicz (Biology) Zachary Thom (Biology) Elise Radel (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Effects of BPA on the Tubulin Cytoskeleton of Planaria
Izabela Mlynarska (Biology) Josh Johnikutty (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Comparative Toxicity Evalutation of Heracleum Maximum and Psoralea
corylifolia Extracts
Ilana Heckler (Chemistry) Alfonso Garcia (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry)

Characterization of Intermediate Steps in Laccase Activity
Maria Ortiz (Chemistry) Michael Carey (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Michael Machczynski (Chemistry)

A Bridge Too Far: NMR and Spin-Coupling in Laccase Catalysis
Jeffrey Babicz (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Michael Machczynski (Chemistry)

Aza-Micheal Reaction; A Micro Scale Green Chemistry Lab
Raul Castillo Castro (Chemistry)
Brittney Rush (Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown,
Johnstown PA)
Faculty Mentors: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry) Manisha Nigam (Chemistry,
University of Pittsburgh)

The Effects of Reading with Infants: A Dissertation Study
Danielle Lowe (SUNY NP adjunct instructor, William Howard Taft
University grad student)
Faculty Mentor: Connie Dodd (Education, Elementary)
The Effects of Curriculum Reform on New York State Public High School
Jessica Gallagher (Education)
Faculty Mentor: Julie Gorlewski (Education, Secondary)

Teacher Creativity
Rebecca Quinones (Education)
Faculty Mentor: Lindsey Russo (Education, Elementary)

Instructional Time in K-12 Education
Micaela Kayser (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)
Faculty Mentor: Robin Jacobowitz (CRREO)

The Effects of Age Demographics on Economic Stability
Kristin Mayo (Political Science)
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Schwartz (Political Science)

Identification of Possible and Impossible Objects in Young Children
Julie Planke (Psychology)
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology)

Young Children's Conceptual Understanding of Objects
Shay O'Leary (Psychology/Psychobiology)
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi (Psychology)

Generational Differences in the Use of Emotional Words
Coreyann Spence (Psychology) Madalena Spero (Psychology)
Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (Psychology)

Poster Session II 5:10-5:50 pm

Examining Bacterial Cell Interactions using Atomic Force Microscopy
Ronald Aucapina (Biology) Nadia Ouedraogo (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry)

Determination of Ubiquinone-8 in Formations of Bdellovibrio Bacteriovorus
Joseph Bromley (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry)

Effects of Chemicals on Phytophthora capsici
Euin Cheong (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Hon Ho (Biology)

Mapping Campus Trees for Education/Sustainability Benefits
Dakota Snyder (Biology)
Faculty Mentors: Eric Keeling (Biology) Carol Rietsma (Biology) Joshua
Simons (CRREO) Carol Rietsma (Biology) Joshua Simons (CRREO) Lisa Mitten
(Office of Campus Sustainability)

3D Comparison of Neotenic and Metamorphosed Axolotls
Scott Kastberg (Biology) Alison Marques (Biology) Caryn Byllott (Biology)
Katherine Wilson (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Morphometrics and 3D Modeling Amphibian Skeletal Structures
Meredith Eldridge (Biology) Rachael Cummings (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Avian Diversity and Abundance on a Suburban University Campus
Stephanie Hale (Biology) Troy Ellick (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinksy (Biology)

A Quantitative Description of the Veery's Song Repertoire
Lori Dargis (Environmental Geochemical Science)
Faculty Mentor: Kara Belinsky (Biology)

Octopaminergic Neurons in the Brain of Musca domestica
Maddie Wright (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Aaron Haselton (Biology)

The Role of Anatomy in Hemolymph Sugar Homeostasis in Musca domestica
Michael Khoury (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Aaron Haselton (Biology)

Green Infrastructure Mitigates Severity of Flooding Events on The State
University of New York at (SUNY) New Paltz Campus
Caitlyn Maceli (Environmental Geochemical Science)
Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology)

The Zooplankton and Fish Communities of Lake Minnewaska
Bryan Krebs (Biology) Valerie Stanson (Biology) Bobbetta Davis (Biology)
Matt Farragher (Environmental Geochemical Science) Angela Chen
(Environmental Geochemical Science)
Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology)

Flourescent in Situ Hybridization of Indonesian Live Rock Biofilm
Nicholas Golom (Biology)
Faculty Mentor: Jason Valens (Biology)

The Characterization of DNA in the Presence of a Surfactant
Kathleen Westervelt (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Pamela St. John (Chemistry)
Optical Micromanipulation of Birefringent Objects with Beams with
Polarization Singularities
Ann O'Brien (Physics and Astronomy)
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics)

Word Identification in Late and Early Bilinguals
Amanda Lane (Psychology) Maria Talloni (Psychology)
Faculty Mentor: Giordana Grossi (Psychology)

Use of Speaker Information to Compensate for Coarticulation
Ana Bennett (Psychology)
Faculty Mentor: Navin Viswanathan (Psychology)

Poster Session III 5:50-6:30 p.m.

Characterization of an Antifungal Metabolite
Bethany O'Hara (Biology) Velisha Guillaume (Biology) Stevie White (Biology)
Faculty Mentors: Maureen Morrow (Biology) Hon Ho (Biology)

Who Has Sex Before Entering High School? A Predictive Model
Juan Weissenberg (Business)
Faculty Mentor: Karl Heiner (Business)

Trends in Heroin Use in New York State
Joelle Bracco (Business)
Faculty Mentor: Karl Heiner (Business)

SUNY New Paltz: Trajectory Towards Efficiency
Emily Vanderpool (Economics)
Faculty Mentor: Karl Heiner (Business)

Exercise Testing in Fontan Patients
Rachael Forando (Spanish/Communications)
Faculty Mentor: Karl Heiner (Business)

Classifications of Darboux Transformations for Super KdV (The Intrigue
of Non Standard Differential Calculus)
Sean Hill (Mathematics)
Faculty Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova (Mathematics)

Complex Dynamics for Symbolic Sequences of Quadratic Maps
Ari Pignatelli (Electrical Engineering)
Faculty Mentor: Anca Radulescu (Mathematics)
Forces on Absorbing Materials Rotating in Optical Traps
Emily Sobel (Physics) Ryan Kropas (Physics)
Faculty Mentor: Catherine Herne (Physics)

Effects of Teen Drinking on Academic and Social Development
Jake Carias (Sociology)
Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology)

Impact of When Major is Declared and Changing Major
Leah Mancini (Psychology)
Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology)

The Possible Relationship Between Violence and Depression
Joseph Russo (Sociology)
Faculty Mentor: Eve Waltermaurer (Sociology)

English Loanwords in Japanese as 'false friends' for English-speaking
Christopher Hoffmann (Asian Studies)
Faculty Mentor: Oksana Laleko (Linguistics)

Interpretation of overt/null forms by Heritage and Second Language
Learners of Russian
Anna Lattanzio (Communication Disorders)
Faculty Mentor: Oksana Laleko (Linguistics)

Equivalence of 1-Dimensional Second-Order Linear Finite Difference Operators
Dylan Rose (Mathematics) Bradley Miro (Mathematics)
Faculty Mentor: Francis Valiquette (Mathematics)

Human Rights Violation in the Dominican Republic
Maritza Sanchez (Latin America & Caribbean Studies)
Faculty Mentor: Ligia Aldana (Latin America & Caribbean Studies)

Analysis of a Spark Gap Tesla Coil
Joseph Ruotolo (Mathematics)
Faculty Mentor: Diego Dominici (Mathematics)

Elaboration of BINOL by Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Joseph Dunstan (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Andersen (Chemistry)