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photo of students presenting their research work

Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation. The presentation titles of last year's SRS can be found below.

The 2014 SRS is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, May 2. The abstract submission deadline is April 7. Please go to the SRS abstract submission page to register your poster presentation for the symposium after March 3. The 2013 presentations are listed below.

Those students who wish to present their research at the Student Research Symposium should consult with a faculty advisor and submit an abstract (abstract instructions).

Click here for the 2013 SRS Abstract Book.

Introductions and Announcement of Faculty Mentor Award 4-4:15 p.m.


Poster Session I   4:15-5 p.m.

Visual Geology: Creating Paint out of Raw Materials

Laura Lanchantin (Art, Painting)

Visualizing the Human Form: DICOM Technologies and the Arts

Bri Murphy (Art/Ceramics)

Semantics vs. phonetics in Mandarin Chinese loan words

Lani Nelson (Asian Studies/Linguistics, undergraduate)

Purification and crystallization of the kinetochore assembly protein "dad2p" in Candida albicans

Matthew Lipinski (Biology)

Olfactory Response to Alpha-pinene Derivatives in the House Fly

Jaydon Kiernan (Biology)

Stand Location Affect on Species Diversity and Richness

Anna Jakubek (Biology)Wes Hoenn (SUNY New Paltz)Justine Dill (SUNY New Paltz)

Archaeal Presence in Indonesian Marine Coral Environments

Joseph Kruk (Biology)

Expression and Purification of S. cerevisiae dad4 in E. coli

Marianne Kramer (Biology)

Comparing Identification Techniques of Marine Microbial Niches.

Jessica Mason (Biology)

POGIL activities for General Chemistry at SUNY New Paltz.

Kristine Hanley (Chemistry)


Adam Rimawi (Chemistry)Kathleen Westervelt (Chemistry)

Molecular Constants of Linear Molecules

Mauricio Kleinberg (Chemistry)
Faculty Mentor: Pamela St. John (Chemistry at SUNY New Paltz)

Domestic Violence within the Triangle Countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala

Veraluz De Leon (Latin American & Caribbean Studies)

Two-Way Immersion vs. Structured English Immersion

Remy Le Dily (Linguistics)

The Stigmatizing Nature of Disaster

Erin Kellar (Psychology)

Women on Hormonal Contraceptives: A Different World?

Rebecca Newmark (Psychology)Melvin Philip (SUNY New Paltz)

Students from Underrepresented Backgrounds: Mental Health, Bicultural Self-Efficacy and Belonging

Alexandria Jardine (Psychology Department)

Career Choice Anxiety among Graduating College Students

Kimberly Lepore (Psychology Major)Vincenzina Duno (Psychology Major)Anna Okurowski

Are You Smarter than a Personal Ad?: An Ability-Based Measure of Mating Intelligence

Raina Hafftka (Psychology) Christopher Farrington (SUNY New Paltz)Rebecca Newmark (SUNY New Paltz)Briana Tauber (Psychology)Daryn Bleach (SUNY New Paltz)Jamille Borer (SUNY New Paltz)

Neural Correlates of Processing in Second Language Learning

Nathan Earl (SUNY New Paltz, Psychology)Michael Acerra (SUNY New Paltz, Psychobiology)Elizabeth Sacchi (Psychobiology)Emily Heimbender (SUNY New Paltz, Psychobiology)

The Impact of an Experiential Program on Homophobic Attitudes

Jennifer Maurer (Student Development)

Poster session II   5-5:45 p.m.

Vikings: the Embodiment of a Warrior Culture

Dylan Lewis (Anthropology)

Margaret Mead and the Controversy of Culture versus Biology

Barbara Cady (Anthropology)Juliana Hedeman (SUNY New Paltz)

Unseen photographs from the collection of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson

Juliana Hedeman (Anthropology)Barbara Cady (SUNY New Paltz)

Osteobiography of the Hurley Mountain Man

Alexandra Mackey (Anthropology)Alexis Moody (Anthropology)

Carbohydrate Expulsion As Observed in the Crop of Musca Domestica

Michael Khoury (Biology)

Diagnostic test to determine presence of mutated FGF genes in Rhodesian Ridgebacks using qPCR

Emily Rouse (Biology)

Insecticidal Properties of Azetidinones

Emily Coluccio (Biology)Hash Al-Mashat (Chemistry)

Differences in tree species within a mixed hardwood forest

John Young (Biology)Anna Jakubek (SUNY New Paltz)Wes Hoen (SUNY New Paltz)Justine Dill (SUNY New Paltz)

Identification of Fungal Species in Local Deadwood

Alexander Frank (Biology)

Heavy Metal Stress Effects on Pisums sativum
Richard Jean-Louis (Biology/Chemistry and Black Studies)


Ryan Taylor (Chemistry)


Erik Van Vlack (Chemistry)Leander Bromley (Chemistry)

Influences of Renewable Energy Use

Jose M. Rodriguez del Pozo (Economics)

Can Economic Growth Lead to Less Environmental Degradation?

Nicholas Hranitz (Economics)

Monetary Policy and the Stock Market

Christopher Coleman (Economics)

Mapping a Medieval Career:Jean Gerson's Joan of Arc Decision

Miriam Ward (History & Digital Media Production)

New Strategies in Bilingual Education

Rebecca Joslin (Languages, Literature and Cultures/Spanish, Seecondary Education)

Dominance or Submission: Consent in Fantasy Preference

Christopher Farrington (Psychology)

Evaluating Noise-Vocoded Speech and the Irrelevant Sound Effect

Josh Dorsi (Psychology)Daniel Cassidy (SUNY New Paltz)Brian George (SUNY New Paltz)

Sensitivity to VOT-vowel length covariation

Sarath Manuel (Psychology)Julianne Reilly (Psychology)Angelo D'Addario (Psychology)Susan Mason (Communication Disorders)

Examining the Distinctions Among Anticipatory Emotions

Emma Scott (Psychology)Tina Guerin (Psychology)Gabriela Guzzo (SUNY New Paltz)Rami Ismail (SUNY New Paltz)Lori Lynch (SUNY New Paltz)

Depictions of Class in 21st Century America through Reality Television

Frank Greenaway (Sociology)

An Alternative Perspective of Student Involvement; through a Visual Lens.

Marissa Stephani (Student Development)

Poster session III   5:45-6:30 p.m.

CQ CQ...Who's Your Elmer? *** This presentation is a documentary, library room M42

Dylan Lewis (Anthropology)

Reducing Observer-Measurement Error Using 3D Laser Scanner

Dillon Ludemann (Anthropology Major)

Examination of Ru-Based Compound Cytotoxicity

Francy Hernandez (Biochemistry)Maria Ortiz (Biology)Marae Thompson (Biology)

Increased pH in Formerly Acidic Lake Minnewaska

David Charifson (Biology)

Mesotrophic Conditions in Lake Minnewaska, Ulster
Erich Stern (Biology)David Charifson (SUNY New Paltz)

Quantifying and Modeling Regeneration with Logistic Growth

Michael Minicozzi (Biology)Hannah Miller (SUNY New Paltz Biology)Lucia Milla (SUNY New Paltz Biology)

Identification of hLXR ligands using Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF)

Cody Saraceno (Biology)

The Isolation and Identification of Isaria species

Minna George (Biology)

Comparison of BPS and BPA on Regeneration in Planaria

Lucia Milla (Biology Department)Madeline Schroeder (SUNY New Paltz Biology Department)

Presence of Estrogen Ligand Binding Domains in Planaria

Nichole Gaucher (Biology department)Hannah Miller (Biology department)

Zero-Linked Polymeric Hemoglobin (OxyVita®Hb)

Sarah Anvery (Chemistry)


Jiries Meehan-Atrash (Chemistry)Hannah Powers (Chemistry)

Categorical Perception in Indian-English Multilinguals

Susan Mason (Communication Disorders)Keith Angrisani (Psychobiology)

U.S. Cotton Subsidies & Major Exporters in the Developing World

Sergio Romero Lopez (Economics)

Micro-finance and Millennium Development Goal No. 2

Tania La Menza (Economics)

Freedom and Economic Growth in Latin America

Patricia Moreno (Economics)

Can Foreign Aid boost a Country's Economic growth?

Ying Tien Lee (Economics)


Samantha Abravanel (Languages, Literatures and Cultures)

Interest: Is it Helpful or Hurtful for Learning?

Craig Smith (Psychology)

Can Individuals Distinguish Dread from Anxiety?

Tina Guerin (Psychology)Gabriela Guzzo (SUNY New Paltz)Rami Ismail (SUNY New Paltz)Lori Lynch

Theses and Dissertations: The Role of Anticipatory Emotions

Emma Scott (SUNY New Paltz)Tina Guerin (Psychology)Gabriela Guzzo (SUNY New Paltz)Rami Ismail (SUNY New Paltz)Lori Lynch (SUNY New Paltz)



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