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Student Research Symposium > Abstract Instructions

Instructions for preparing abstracts

Go to the SRS abstract submission page. Click on the event and then the call for abstracts link. Instructions for signing into the system can be found at this site.  Please note that each abstract submission requires a faculty sponsor.  Ask your faculty mentor to review your abstract before submitting it as there will be no revisions allowed after the deadline. Be sure to carefully type in the email addresses -- this is the only mechanism of communication for SRS.

Also please note that the program does much formatting. The program should support Unicode characters for those of you who want to use Greek letters and other symbols.  

To submit an abstract, you will need the following information:

  1. Title- limited to 60 characters (with spaces)
  2. Authors/ People leading the project and the faculty mentor's name.
  3. Majors of student authors, department name for faculty mentor (affiliation)
  4. Abstract/ Project Description- limited to 1500 characters (with spaces)

The body of the abstract should contain the following information:

  1. Purpose of the study.  Indicate the hypothesis or question being addressed and/or the previous work that led to the study (do not include references).
  2. Method of study.  Briefly describe the general method(s) by which the hypothesis or question was addressed.
  3. General conclusions.  Indicate the new information that was or is expected to be obtained from the study.

You may refer to the 2009 SRS Abstract Book for examples.