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photo of students presenting their research work

Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium is an event for the presentation and recognition of student scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate). Students with any major in the university, in any college or school of the university, graduate or undergraduate are invited to participate. All students who have participated with faculty or under faculty supervision -- for example, as part of a senior seminar, independent study, or supervised work -- in original, independent research, critical reviews, laboratory projects or field studies eligible to present their work as a poster presentation.

The 2015 SRS is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, May 1. The abstract submission deadline is April 6th. Please go to the SRS abstract submission page to register your poster presentation for the symposium after March 3. Photos of the 2014 SRS can be viewed in our Facebook album.

Those students who wish to present their research at the Student Research Symposium should consult with a faculty advisor and submit an abstract (abstract instructions).

Please be aware of the updated human subjects research regulations:Posters based on student research exercises can be posted on campus and students can present at the Student Research Symposium. Student research exercises that did not receive HREB approval must be labeled as such on all posters and in all presentations.  They must include a label that says:  This project was conducted as a Student Research Exercise and was not approved by the SUNY New Paltz HREB. All other research projects involving human subjects must be approved by HREB.

Click here for the 2014 SRS Abstract Book.

Introductions and Announcement of Faculty Mentor Award 4-4:30 p.m.


Poster session I 4:30-5:10 p.m.

Changing HIV Identity With Prep as A New Method of Safe Sex

Andrew Morgan (Anthropology)

Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Junge (Anthropology)

"Gray Area" and Acceptable Discourse in Abortion Activism

Brenna Mccaffrey (Anthropology; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Faculty Mentor: Meg Devlin O'Sullivan (Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; History)

Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Junge (Anthropology)

Natural Dyes

Ryan Murray (Art)

Faculty Mentor: Jill Parisi (Art)

Confocal Imaging of Planarian Neuroanatomy

Izabela Mlynarska (Biology) Hannah Miller (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Treading Through Murky Waters: an Ecosystem Wide Change to Lake Minnewaska

Erich Stern (Biology) Valerie Stanson (Biology)
 Benjamin Albers (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology)

Protein Purification From Human Liver X Receptor Constructs LXR Alpha and Beta

Emily Rouse (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Jeff Reinking (Biology)

Science in 3D: Designing 3D Models for Biological Research & Pedagogy

Diane Won (Biology) Michael Pakidis (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Jeffrey Reinking (Biology)

Toward The Syntheses of Isomeric Macrocycles Containing Both Dach and Binol Subunits

Hannah Powers (Chemistry) Adam Noach (Chemistry) Joseph Bromley (Chemistry)

Faculty Mentor: Frantz Andersen (Chemistry)

A Study of Didymo, an Algal Species, in The Catskills, NY

Steven Dimeglio (Environmental Geochemical Science)

Faculty Mentor: David Richardson (Biology)

Antibacterial Properties of Dragonfly Wings

Marc Belanich (Environmental Geo-Chemical Science)

Faculty Mentor: Megan Ferguson (Chemistry)

Latex Package for Math Jeopardy

Devin Grady (Mathematics) Paul Lake (Mathematics)

Faculty Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova (Mathematics)

Wind Power Generation

Andre Candido (Mathematics)

Faculty Mentor: Diego Dominci (Mathematics)

A Short Study of Mobius Forms

Emily Sobel (Physics/Astronomy) Ryan Kropas (Physics/Astronomy)

Faculty Mentor: Diego Dominici (Mathematics)

The Effects of Ideology on The Decision to Privatize the Water Sector: Analysis of African Countries

Corah Walker (Political Science)

Faculty Mentor: Joel Lefkowitz (Political Science)

Functional or Fictional? Political Culture Typologies in the American States.

William Raphaelson (Political Science)

Faculty Mentor: Nancy Kassop (Political Science)

Whine Sampling: Understanding Whining in Young Children

Michael Costa (Psychology) Amanda Lane (Psychology) Sarah Rodriguez (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Alison Nash (Psychology)

Are All Performance Goals Created Equal? A Meta-Analysis of Effects Produced by Different Measures

Blair Dawson (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Corwin Senko (Psychology)

Poster session II 5:10-5:50 p.m.

Dental Analysis of the W. Montague Cobb Skeletal Collection

Emily Emily Brackett (Anthropology)

Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Nystrom (Anthropology)

"We Are All Savita": Transnational Irish Abortion Activism

Brenna Mccaffrey (Anthropology; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies)

Faculty Mentors: Lauren Meeker (Anthropology)
 Benjamin Junge (Anthropology)

Examination of Ru-Based Compound Cytotoxicity Mechanism

Francy Hernandez (Biochemistry) Maria Ortiz (Biochemistry) Marae Thompson (Biology)

Faculty Mentors: Maureen Morrow (Biology)
 Daniel Freedman (Chemistry)

Characterization of The Antimicrobial Compound Produced By an Isaria Fungus

Katherine Betuel (Biology)
 Megan Grant (Biology)

Faculty Mentors: Maureen Morrow (Biology)
 Hon Ho (Biology)

Comparing the Effects of BPA and BPS on Planarian Regeneration

Hannah Miller (Biology)
 Izabela Mlynarska (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Analysis of Diversity Across Domains in A Coral Reef Biofilm

Morgan Campbell (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Jason Valens (Biology)

Molecular Organometallic Resists (MORE) for EUV Lithorgraphy

Rachel Kaminski (Chemistry)

Faculty Mentor: Daniel Freedman (Chemistry)

Characterization of DNA Surfactant Aggregates

Kathleen Westervelt (Chemistry) Adam Rimawi (Chemistry)

Faculty Mentor: Pamela St.John (Chemistry)

Residential Solar Energy Demand Estimation: A Comparative Analysis of Germany and United States

Rui Wang (Economics)

Faculty Mentor: Simin Mozayeni (Economics)

Teaching Brains

Roberta Sahagian (Education, Elementary)

Faculty Mentor: Lindsey Russo (Elementary Education)

Narrative Strategies and Fictional Minds in Young Adult Literature

Jordan White (Education, Secondary /English)

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Higgins (English)

Design of Digital Circuits Using Binary Logic on Three Valued Algebras

Nicholas Falco (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: David Clark (Mathematics)

The Effects of Migration on the Educational Systems of Sending and Receiving Countries: Ecuador and US

Mary Kate Nagy (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

Faculty Mentor: Ligia Aldana (Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Spanish)

The Fight for Heritage Corn: Campesino Struggle for Land and Food Sovereignty in Neoliberal Mexico.

Luis Lopez (Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

Faculty Mentor: Ligia Aldana (Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Spanish)

The June 2013 Protests and Brazil's Emergent Middle Class

Adam Repose (Latin American & Caribbean Studies; Spanish)

Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Junge (Anthropology)

Exploring Squares in Different Bases

Paul Lake (Mathematics)

Faculty Mentor: David Hobby (Mathematics)

Representation of the Struggle in Vieques Through Artistic Narratives

Mariel Ramirez (Sociology)

Faculty Mentor: Roberto Velez-Velez (Sociology)

Modes of History: The Study and Reproduction of a 19th Century Corset

Julia Fell (Theatre Arts)

Faculty Mentor: Andrea Varga (Theatre Arts, Costume Design)

Buried Child Scenic Design

Elizabeth Reid (Theatre)

Faculty Mentor: Ken Goldstein (Theatre)

Poster session III 5:50-6:30 p.m.

Low Dose BPA and Planarian Regeneration

Izabela Mlynarska (Biology) Hannah Miller (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Carbohydrate Expulsion as Observed in The Crop of Musca Domestica

Michael Khoury (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Aaron Haselton (Biology)

No-Till and Organic Fertilizer Effects on Physiology of Corn

Anna Jakubek (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Eric Keeling (Biology)

Heavy Metal Absorption Through Local Mycelia

Kelly Gluchowski (Biology)

Faculty Mentors: Hon Ho (Biology) Megan Ferguson (Chemistry)

Flowering and Leaf-Out Varies By Tree Species, Site and Year

Justine Dill (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Eric Keeling (Biology)

Courtship Song Variation and Mate Choice in Field Crickets

William Fyke (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Thomas Nolen (Biology)

Assessing 3D Technology for Morphometric Research

Caryn Byllott (Biology, Evolutionary Studies, Anthropology) Kyra Nolte (SUNY New Paltz (Anthropology, Evolutionary Studies, Spanish)
 Lauren Parry (Biology)
 Katherine Marriott (Geology, Visual Arts)

Faculty Mentor: Alex Bartholomew (Geology)
Faculty Mentor: Ken Nystrom (Anthropology)
Faculty Mentor: Spencer Mass (Biology)

Next Generation DNA Diagnostic Test for Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs

Kasandra Diaz (Biology)

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Waldo (Biology)

Characterization of DNA-CTAB Aggregates

Kathleen Westervelt (Chemistry)

Faculty Mentor: Pamela St.John (Chemistry)

New Furanocoumarin From Heracleum maximum

Ilana Heckler (Chemistry) Alfonso Garcia (Chemistry) Javier Santos (Chemistry)

Faculty Mentor: Preeti Dhar (Chemistry)

Circadian Rhythm Stimulator for Human Health Restoration

Julio Aguirre (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: Baback Izadi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Temperature and Energy Aware Scheduling of Heterogeneous Processors

Rashadul Kabir (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Faculty Mentor: Baback Izadi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Transfer From Second Language to Third Language: Role of Second Language in Third Language Acquisition

Chen Zhou (Linguistics)

Mentor: Oksana Laleko (Linguistics)

Training English Speakers to Perceive Hindi Speech Sounds

Brittany T. Williams (Psychology) Catherine Attanasio (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Navin Viswanathan (Psychology)

Exploring The Board Game Design Process

Caitlin Hoben (Psychology) Lauren Handy (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Douglas Maynard (Psychology)

Perception and Production Behaviors of Spanish-English Bilinguals

Ana Bennett (Psychology) Ashley Mannine (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Anne Olmstead (Psychology)

Emotions From the Heart

Peter Marinelli (Psychology) Zachary Bergoine (Psychology) Robert Arena (Psychology)

Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (Psychology)

Anticipatory Emotions and Heart Rate Variability

Christina Covington (Psychology) Mailie Casey (Psychology) Samatha Weiss (Psychology)
 Matasci Ariel (Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Maryalice Citera (Psychology)