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Records & Registration

Advance Registration Info

Spring 2014

Nov. 4 Matriculated Graduate Student registration begins
Nov. 12 Matriculated Undergraduate Student registration begins
Nov. 19 Non-matriculated Graduate Student registration begins (REGISTRATION FOR GRADUATE COURSES ONLY)
Jan. 14 Non-matriculated, Cross-Registered, and  Visiting Undergraduate Student registration begins

See also, the Registration Calendar

Undergraduate time assignments are posted in

While preparing for Advance Registration you should CHECK/ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:

Go to:

I. ADVISEMENT (Matriculated (degree-seeking) Undergraduate students)

Prior to developing your schedule for the semester:

  1. Print a copy of your College Progress Report from This document tells you what general education requirements remain, as well as the total, upper division and liberal arts credits completed to date.
  2. If you have a declared major, review the degree requirements listed on the departmental Web site or get an updated copy of your major plan from your major department.
  3. Review these documents to determine which requirements remain.
  4. Look at the relevant Schedule of Classes. You can access the schedule at
  5. Make a draft schedule, with alternates, based on what you need and what is being offered.
  6. Be careful not to schedule time conflicts for lecture, lab or discussion sections. Be sure to read all footnotes or prerequisites applicable to the section of courses you select.
  7. Make an appointment with your academic advisor in advance of your registration day and time. Your advisor will review your selections and give you an ARN (Advisor Release Number). The ARN signifies you have met with your advisor and is needed to register online.
  8. In some cases it will be necessary for you to obtain the permission of the instructor or department chair (please contact department for the electronic permission)

NOTE: UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS MAY NOT REGISTER FOR MORE THAN 19 CREDITS. In certain circumstances permission may be granted by the appropriate dean and chair of the student's major. An Excess Credit Form is required. Students with undeclared majors need the permission of the Dean of Student Advising (OM 127). If your cumulative GPA is 3.0 or greater, your credit limit is 20 credits, however you must contact Records and Registration to have your credit limit increased to 20.


  1. Students admitted to the university for degree-seeking graduate study are classified as "graduate". Registration begins November 4, 2013.
  2. Students admitted to the university for undergraduate degree study are further classified, according to the completed number of credits towards graduation (not including unfinished coursework from a past semester (Incompletes/grades of 'I') and courses currently in progress). Registration begins November 12, 2013.
  3. Students attending the university for non-degree graduate study are classified as non-matriculated graduate students. Registration begins November 19, 2013.
  4. Students attending the university for non-degree undergraduate study are classified as non-matriculated undergraduates. Registration begins January 14, 2014.

* Degree seeking undergraduates should check the Time Assignment posted on indicating the day and time they may Advance Register. The registration process will permit degree-seeking undergraduates to Advance Register any time on or after their scheduled time, but not prior to that time.



Only students eligible to register may use Web Registration to Advance Register. For example: Students currently registered or enrolled within the past two years. This does not include students whose enrollment status precludes continued enrollment, who are academically ineligible, officially withdrawn students or students dismissed from college. Students whose records are encumbered with institutional "HOLD(s)" placed by one or more University offices must report to the office that placed the hold and have the hold released. If this is not accomplished before advance registration, registration will not be possible.

Therefore, it is best to take care of business and resolve the office HOLD(S). During advance registration periods, lines are usually very long at offices that place and remove holds. It is best not to wait until your scheduled registration day to clear a hold.

Undergraduate students use Web Registration on a seniority basis, by academic classification or student level (senior, junior, sophomore, freshman).


From anywhere you have Web access.


If you need assistance with registration, you can call the Registrar's Office (845) 257-3100 during regular office hours Monday-Friday.