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Extended Learning

University in the High School



College While in High School

The University in the High School program is designed to offer qualified high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn college credit for approved courses offered in their own high school.

SUNY New Paltz would like to help bridge the gap between high school and college-level study. This program provides the academic challenge of college-level curriculum while students are still attending high school.

This is a tremendous opportunity to earn college credit at a reduced cost without the pressure of having to take Advanced Placement exams.

Earn College Credit

Students who register with SUNY New Paltz and successfully complete the course(s) are eligible to earn SUNY New Paltz undergraduate credit for each course. These credits will become part of a student’s record should he/she decide to apply to SUNY New Paltz. These same credits, with a grade of “C” or better, may be accepted by other colleges and universities depending upon their entrance requirements.

Credits will be recorded on an official SUNY New Paltz transcript and can be sent to any college the student wishes to attend.

By exposing students to college level work, and allowing them to take advantage of the campus library and other resources, SUNY New Paltz hopes to motivate students to continue college level work after graduating from high school.