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Extension and Distance Learning Courses

This information is only applicable for SUNY New Paltz courses at the following location:

Rockland Teachers' Center

Alternate Calendar


Registration Calendar (Alternate Calendar ONLY)

Jan. 28 First Day of Classes (Alternate Calendar)

Jan. 28     -Feb. 3

Add/Drop Period (no fee; no permission unless the course requires a PI card)
Feb. 4 -     Feb. 10 Add/Drop Period (Add with permission of instructor.  30% tuition liability after Feb. 3)
Feb. 11 -    Feb. 17 Late Registration/Add (with permission - must pay $40 to register for the first time or $20 to add a course
Feb. 11-    March 31 Course Withdrawal Period: ($20 fee)

Tuition Liability Schedule (Alternate Calendar ONLY)

Jan. 28 First Day of Classes (Alternate Calendar)
Feb. 3 End of 100% tuition refund
Feb. 10 End of 70% tuition refund
Feb. 17 End of 50% tuition refund
Feb. 24 End of 30% tuition refund
Feb. 25 Beginning of 100% tuition liability

If a student drops a course at a Teacher Center site by Feb. 3, 2014, they will receive a 100% refund of SUNY New Paltz tuition. If they drop after that date, they will receive a percentage of their tuition based on the above schedule.

Teacher Centers must remit the full amount of tuition for all students who have submitted registration forms. If a student drops or withdraws, the Teacher Center will refund its fees based on its own fee refund schedule. SUNY New Paltz Office of Student Accounts will refund the tuition that is allowable (based on this above schedule) to the Teacher Center to be forwarded to the student.

ONLY for students who have SUNY New Paltz course(s) starting on or after Feb. 3, 2014-  100% tuition refund will be given if the student notifies the Teacher Center within 24 hours of the first class meeting that they wish to drop the course(s).