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Extended Learning

IPD: The Institute for Professional Development


Our goal is simple… To help your organization succeed through professional development. Training is an investment in human capital. By building your staff’s knowledge and skills at all levels, you are cultivating and enriching one of your most valuable resources.

We recognize that organizations are human-driven by the efforts and ideas of individuals who all have the potential for growth and learning. We are committed to individual as well as organizational growth, quality programs, and continuing education. We can provide professional training that is responsive, relevant, and cost effective.

Flexible… Training can vary in length depending on your needs and contracts, from half-day to three-day programs, or as ongoing weekly or monthly sessions. We can work with you on site at your convenience. 

Professional… We have the resources to provide experienced, knowledgeable trainers in a wide range of fields. 

Networked… We are creating innovative mechanisms, from computer-mediated distance learning to compressed video, to bring our services to you.  Distance learning programs can be planned for your site. 



Graduate & Extended Learning
State University of New York at New Paltz
800 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, New York 12561-2442
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