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Citibank Visa Procurement Card Program


Citibank Visa Procurement Card Program

To participate in the Citibank Visa Procurement Card Program, you and your supervisor must read the Citibank Visa Program Guidelines. Both you and your supervisor must have access to the SUNY Mainframe connection page. Contact Bill Edison, Computer Services, at X3132 if you cannot access this site. You and your supervisor must also be able to sign onto the SUNY Central Security System (SCSO) once you access the mainframe web site noted above. If you are unsure whether or not you have access, or if you do not know your password, please contact either Michele Halstead at X3295 or Julie Majak at X3272.

To obtain the Program Guidelines and Card Application packet, contact Purchasing at X3190. Complete the forms enclosed in the packet as indicated and send them to Walter Wontz or Yolanda Howell, Purchasing, HAB 307, for processing. The application process takes approximately four (4) weeks to complete.

The Procurement Card Program has been initiated at SUNY New Paltz primarily for the acquisition of office supplies. The campus has partnered with the following five (5) office suppliers:

Staples Business Advantage (next day desktop delivery)

Catskill Art & Office Supply (next day desktop delivery)

Wats International (desktop delivery on Tuesday and Thursday)

Office Max - A Boise Company (next day delivery to Receiving Department)

Corporate Express (next day desktop delivery)

Information about ordering from these suppliers and how to access and use the online system will be provided when your card is issued.

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