Transfer Students

Students who have taken courses at other schools before coming to New Paltz must still satisfy Departmental requirements for completion of New Paltz Psychology degrees. If your transfer GPA is less than 2.50, you can declare as a psychology major when your GPA at New Paltz reaches 2.50.

Pending approval of the Department Chair or designee, we will accept any psychology course taught at another school if, and only if, it was offered by the psychology department at that school. For example, Adolescent Psychology or Child Development taken in a psychology department count toward New Paltz psychology degrees while these same courses in an education department do not count toward New Paltz psychology degrees.

The one exception to this rule is statistics. If you took this course in the mathematics or business administration department at another school, and it covered t-tests and inferential statistics, then we will count it as a replacement for Psychological Statistics. If you took a course in psychology that doesn't look like one of our offerings, be prepared to describe the content of the course so that we can find our equivalent.

While we accept all courses taught by a psychology department at other schools, the college requires at least half your major be completed here at New Paltz, and in our case that means five courses for those who declared their major before June 1, 2005 and seven courses for those who declared their major after June 1, 2005.