Psychology Student Awards

Below you will find tables of SUNY New Paltz students in the Psychology Department who have won one or more awards. The Outstanding Student awards (a college-level award) and Psychology Student of Excellent awards (a Psychology-specific award) are given to graduating students who have performed at a high level in both their coursework and other activities such as independent research, work in the field, and/or service to the psychology community (e.g., involvement in student organizations such as Psi Chi and the Undergraduate Psychology Association). Students are nominated for these awards by the department faculty.

You can click on a particular semester to be taken to the winners from that semester:

Spring 2016 Psychology Students of Excellence


Leah Bernstein                              

Lauren Branigan                            

Timothy Crown*                             

Aubrey Fitzpatrick                         

Emily Fonseca                               

Christopher Fusco                        

Michaela Green                             

Krysal Haas                                   

Joanna Herron                              

Kyle Law                                        

Maureen McCarthy                       

Stephanie Padich*                        

Julie Planke*                                 

Ashley Pulver                               

Akeem Samuels                           

Lauren Smith                                

Allison Vaughn*                             


MA Psychology Graduate

Nicole Wedberg*                           


MS Mental Health Counseling

Gillian Hammond*                         

Emily Killian                                  

Megan Kraiza                                

Joanne Rosenthal                        

MS School Counseling

Matthew Sharp                             

* demarcates that this student is also a winner of the President's Outstanding Student Award


Fall 2015 Psychology Students of Excellence

Undergraduate Psychology

Mercedes Czyz

Ariana D'Urso*

Lauren Dershowitz

Karyn Foedisch*

Marissa Morales

Nathaniel Postal

Keith Racioppo

Jessica Restivo*

Ashley Sirna


MA Psychology

David Chapeau*

 MS Mental Health Counseling

Thomas Donlan*

* indicates that a student was also recognized as an outstanding graduate by the President's Office


Fall 2011 awards