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Psychology Student Awards

Below you will find tables of SUNY New Paltz students in the Psychology Department who have won one or more awards. The Outstanding Student awards (a college-level award) and Psychology Student of Excellent awards (a Psychology-specific award) are given to graduating students who have performed at a high level in both their coursework and other activities such as independent research, work in the field, and/or service to the psychology community (e.g., involvement in student organizations such as Psi Chi and the Undergraduate Psychology Association). Students are nominated for these awards by the department faculty.

You can click on a particular semester to be taken to the winners from that semester:

Spring 2015
Spring 2014 - Fall 2014
Spring 2013 - Fall 2013
Spring 2012 - Fall 2012
Spring 2011 - Fall 2011
Spring 2010 - Fall 2010
Spring 2009 - Fall 2009 

 Spring 2015 awards

Fall 2014 awards

Spring 2014 Student Awards

Fall 2013 Psychology Department Student Awards

Spring 2013 awards

Fall 2012 awards

Spring 2012 awards

Fall 2011 awards

Spring 2011 awards

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Spring 2010 awards

Fall 2009 awards

Spring 2009 awards