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Pyschology Department

Faculty Profiles & Web sites

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Dr. Maryalice Citera
Dr. Phyllis Freeman
Dr. Michael C. Gayle
  • Glenn Geher
    Department Chair
    Director, Evolutionary Studies Program
    Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
    Joined the faculty: 2000
    Awards: Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008-2009); Alumni Association's Distinguished Teacher (2007)
    Research Interests: factors affecting mate selection; subjective interpretations of romantic partners;
    role of motivation in partner perception; cognitive dissonance and physiology; self-monitoring and attitudes;
    mating intelligence; measuring emotional intelligence
    Dr. Geher's Web site
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Dr. Glenn Geher
Dr. Kathleen Geher
Dr. Giordana Grossi
Dr. James Halpern
Dr. Melanie S. Hill
Dr. Tabitha Holmes
Dr. Douglas C. Maynard
Dr. Alison Nash
  • Anne Olmstead
    Ph.D. University of Connecticut
    Joined the faculty: 2010
    Research Interests: Her research interests include language use, bilingual speech production and perception, accent change, and embodied cognition.
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Dr. Jonathan D. Raskin

  • Jonathan Rust
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. Fordham University
    Joined the faculty: 2006
    Research Interests: school counseling; group counseling and dynamics; multicultural counseling
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Dr. Jonathan Rust

Dr. Corwin Senko

  • Sarah Shuwairi
    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. New York University
    Joined the faculty: 2014
    Research Interests: object recognition, 2D-3D perception, categorization, perceptual and conceptual development in early infancy, aesthetic preferences, selective attention and eye-tracking.
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  • Carol A. Vazquez
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. Princeton University
    Joined the faculty: 1977
    Research Interests: linguistics; cognitive processes in normal and brain-damaged populations
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Karla Vermeulen
 Navin Viswanathan
  • Greta Winograd
    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center
    Joined the faculty: 2008
    Research Interests: developmental psychopathology; longitudinal data analysis; predictors of mental health service use; early parenting influences on children's educational outcomes; interventions to reduce stigma towards individuals with mental illness
  • Detailed Contact Info and Office Hours
Dr. Greta Winograd

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