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The Office of the President

Updates 09/26/2006

Faculty and Professional Staff Meeting President's Report 09/26/06

Given that I delivered a lengthy State of the College report earlier this month, I'll keep this update relatively short. If you haven't already read my Fall 2006 State of the College address, please feel free to visit http://www.newpaltz.edu/president/stateofthecollege.html where you can hear a recording of the speech or read a copy. There are four additional items that I want to make sure you are aware of.

First, we have begun a search for a new Vice President for Finance and Administration-our most senior nonacademic leadership post.  This is a critically important hire, and when the new VP arrives, his or her first task will be to think carefully about the organizational structure and delivery of top-notch service through administrative offices. Dr. Dave Rooney, Vice President for Student Affairs, is chairing the search committee, which includes Dr. Gerald Benjamin, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. John VanderLippe, Presiding Officer of the Faculty, Julie Majak, Director of Administrative Services, John Shupe, Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management, and Sally Cross, Director of Development.

Our Middle States Periodic Review Report has been very favorably reviewed by our external evaluators. Their response will be made available on my.newpaltz.edu (at the same location as the PRR document itself). With this positive report, we should be very well positioned for our next 10-year review and site visit in 2011. But we've got several more years before we really focus on that. My thanks to the committee, especially the faculty members, Provost David Lavallee and Executive Assistant to the Provost, Mary Beth Collier.

We understand from SUNY Central that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which completes Mission Review for New Paltz, is finalized and ready for the Chancellor's signature. The current version of that document may also be found in my.newpaltz.edu

Finally, I want to share some impressive news confirming the quality of New Paltz's Educational Opportunity Program. Our EOP has the highest graduation rate in SUNY by a wide margin-72%--which puts us well ahead of Binghamton (second) and Geneseo (third). EOP, which has long featured highly personalized academic and career counseling, pre-freshman summer programs, tutoring and diagnostic testing, provides a very attractive model for our efforts to increase graduation rates in the general student body. If we can replicate such success with our general admit students, these students and their parents will thank us.

I look forward to discussing these topics and any other questions you may have next week.

Steve Poskanzer